Case Study

Dr. Elson Lai Opens a New Practice With the Intuitive, Cloud Ophthalmology Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System, EMA™

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The Goals

  • Open new practice with an easy-to-use and cloud-based ophthalmology EMR
  • Mobility and portability with selected EMR
  • Produce detailed notes to send to referring physicians
  • Suggested coding functionality

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Ophthalmology electronic medical records (EMR) system
  • Intuitive interface helps enhance workflow
  • Easy-to-use iPad functionality helps save time
  • Collection of structured data used to suggest coding

Dr. Lai shares why and how he chose Modernizing Medicine’s ophthalmology software.

EMA has not slowed me down in the slightest. With the iPad EMR capability, I finish the note before seeing my next patient; it’s that quick and easy-to-use.



In 2014, Dr. Elson Lai started Rosemead Eye Center located in Rosemead, Calif., and knew he wanted to have an ophthalmic EMR system in place upon opening.

“Before I opened my practice, I was trying to decide which ophthalmology EMR system I was going to use. I had the opportunity to experience a few systems during the course of my medical training and also while working at a practice after graduation. Given that these platforms were not developed for ophthalmology, I needed to build templates that catered to me as an ophthalmologist and that took time. I found these solutions to be cumbersome and lacking the ophthalmology intelligence I was looking for in an ophthalmic EMR system,” Dr. Lai shared.

“I knew that I needed to find a better EMR solution. I wanted a system that was easy-to-use, cloud-based and designed specifically for ophthalmology. After reviewing numerous platforms, I was introduced to Modernizing Medicine’s ophthalmology EMR system, EMA. It had the most intuitive interface of all the software that I researched and I also loved the fact that it could be used on an iPad, Mac or iPhone.”

“Once I decided on EMA the implementation was a smooth process. My staff and I went through a six-week online training period and we found it very easy to learn. I was able to see my very first patient at my new practice using EMA and quickly increased my patient volume with its help.”

An Ophthalmology EMR System

EMA was designed and coded by practicing ophthalmologists who understand an ophthalmic workflow. This, combined with adaptive learning capabilities that enable the system to remember Dr. Lai’s preferences unlike template-based platforms he used in the past, help improve efficiency and save time.

“I love that EMA is built for ophthalmology. For example, I can select if a diagnosis is right eye specific or left eye dilated. If I have a cataract surgery that is a nuclear sclerosis cataract, I can simply click on the impression and plan and it will auto populate for me based on the diagnosis and initial visit,” explained Dr. Lai. “Also, when I’m viewing the patient interface, EMA will actually show me the previous visits and I have the ability to click on each and quickly review my past notes. It’s so intuitive that it enables me to be more efficient throughout the day.”

“I also love that EMA suggests the ophthalmology ICD-10 codes for me. Every diagnosis and every plan within the system use structured data to help suggest the coding, which helps expedite my coding so I can leave my office and not worry about my billing.”

Detailed Documentation With an iPad EMR Software

By using the cloud-based, native ophthalmic EMR iPad application that EMA offers, Dr. Lai produces detailed notes and sends to referring physicians within minutes.

“I use an iPad for all of my documentation and I love the portability it provides. I carry it with me from room to room eliminating the need to purchase multiple computers,” Dr. Lai shared. “Some of my colleagues using other EMR systems have complained that their productivity decreased due to the time-consuming demands of these non-user friendly platforms. EMA has not slowed me down in the slightest. With the iPad EMR software capability, I finish the note before seeing my next patient; it’s that quick and easy-to-use. I’m also able to send a thorough note to a referring physician with just a few clicks.”

Backed by Modernizing Medicine

“EMA is constantly evolving and improving as the government healthcare requirements grow. I am confident knowing that all of my documentation is secure in the cloud and I will never have to revert back to paper.”

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