Case Study

Florida Eye Associates Saves Hours of Time While Enhancing Patient Care with ModMed® Ophthalmology

Practice Goals

  • Implement an ophthalmology-specific EHR
  • Adopt Practice Management for a seamless integration
  • Improve process efficiency

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Saved providers hours of time documenting
  • Decreased payment turnaround times
  • Improved patient’s accessibility to communicate with staff
  • Increased efficiency in all aspects of workflow

Florida Eye Associates discusses their experience with the all-in-one ophthalmology software and what it’s been like to work with ModMedover the years.

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“Having all-in-one ophthalmology software provides transparency and easy access to the information we need to get the job done. EMA has increased our efficiency by allowing our physicians to see and document patient encounters quickly. The PM system has streamlined our billing process, making payment turnaround times faster.”

‒ Trish Barker, Chief Operating Officer
Florida Eye Associates

Florida Eye Associates features a state-of-the art surgery center, a full optical lab, hearing aid dispensary and testing center, and five office locations comprising 13 providers. Since 1967, the practice has offered a wide variety of subspecialties of ophthalmology and optometry, including glaucoma and corneal diseases, and diseases of the retina and vitreous.

In 2014, Florida Eye Associates transitioned from paper charts to EMA®, the award-winning* ophthalmology EHR system from ModMed®, and since then they have gained valuable efficiency. In 2020, they implemented the Practice Management (PM) and Analytics platforms, Patient Engagement tools and ModMed Pay. Chief Operating Officer Trish Barker explains the value of having an all-in-one solution and how the ophthalmology software helped improve their operations.

Modernizing Medicine ophthalmology EHR system


EMA was the first ophthalmology EHR we implemented and it will be our last. We researched other vendors and found the sales representative at ModMed actually understood ophthalmology and knew the product inside and out, so he was easily able to answer our detailed questions. We had confidence in ModMed right from the start.

We liked the fact that EMA was described as a living, breathing product that would grow with us and continue to improve over time. We felt that EMA was the technology of the future and seven years later, we still find this to be true.

Our providers also liked the iPad functionality and the portability it offered to easily take from room to room, the hospital, ASC, home, etc. They feared an EHR would hinder their interaction with patients, however, they’ve found the iPad is not a barrier to communicating with the patient and it’s improved their workflow.


EMA has increased our efficiency by allowing our physicians to see and document patient encounters quickly. They can access their charts from anywhere with an internet connection and can easily pull forward prior notes. When they are in a satellite clinic and the retina specialist is at home, for example, they can both be in the chart and work collaboratively. There is no delay in the availability of the medical record and no inability for providers in two different locations to look at the same chart.

Physicians were spending 30 to 120 minutes documenting after clinic prior to EMA. Now, almost all of our physicians are able to leave the office after their last patient. That’s huge time savings. The result—happy doctors and happy patients.


Our previous PM system was an institutional product that didn’t have any flexibility and required costly upgrades. Having two separate systems doubled the workload because we had to manually enter everything, and the bridges weren’t always reliable. We decided to move forward with ModMed’s PM system because it came down to efficiency and we saw the value of having everything in one system.

Having all-in-one ophthalmology software provides transparency and easy access to the information we need to get the job done. If a staff member is working on a claim and needs the chart notes, it’s a simple click and there it is. If an unspecified diagnosis came over, the biller can immediately see it was the right eye, for example, and correct the issue.

The time savings from the patient visit to the time the charges get to billing is remarkable. We already had great billers, but now with ModMed PM, that process is even faster. Also, it is easier to document that a test or service was completed, because EMA helps automate the notes and prompts you through the steps to help make sure nothing is missed.

Also, we’ve found the private two-way texting functionality very beneficial, especially during the pandemic. Instead of waiting for the patient to arrive, we can ask the COVID pre-screening questions in advance. This added communication tool has improved the patient’s accessibility to communicate with us.


The ModMed team is composed of really good people and the caliber of the leadership team is first class. They listen to their customers on a level that I have not encountered elsewhere. ModMed’s desire to make things work in the most meaningful and useful way is what makes them shine over other companies I’ve experienced.

*2021 Black Book

Disclaimer: The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Trish Baker and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Trish Baker is a member of the ModMed Ophthalmology Advisory Board.


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