Galiani Ophthalmology Associates Switches to a New Ophthalmology EMR and Practice Management System


Practice Administrator Shares EMR Success Story

Galiani Ophthalmology OfficeDedicated to preserving and improving visual function, Galiani Ophthalmology Associates located in Doylestown, Pa., provides personalized and state-of-the-art eye care with a personal touch. The three providers and staff strive to provide the highest quality surgical, medical and routine eye care by using the latest in technology.

When their previous electronic medical records (EMR) system fell short of expectations, the practice switched to Modernizing Medicine®’s modmed Ophthalmology® suite. This suite includes the EMA™ ophthalmology EMR system, as well as an integrated ophthalmology Practice Management solution. Linda Gallo, the practice administrator, shared the practice’s success story in transitioning to a new ophthalmology EMR system and more.

selecting plans and morphologies in EMA for ophthalmologySwitching to a New Ophthalmology EMR System

The hospital we were affiliated with implemented our previous EMR system. After we departed from that group, we continued to use the system, which quickly became a mistake. It was not ophthalmology-specific, was difficult to navigate and required template creation. It negatively affected our workflow so significantly that we had to lower patient volume, resulting in lost revenue. We decided to take the government penalty and reverted back to paper.

As the healthcare landscape continued to change, we couldn’t continue with paper, so I began researching ophthalmology EMR systems. When I discovered EMA, I knew it was exactly what we needed. It’s user-friendly with all of the important information visible on one screen versus scrolling through numerous pages of irrelevant information. Because EMA is so easy to use, it allowed our staff to quickly learn how to use it, and we didn’t lose revenue during implementation.

After much success with EMA, Modernizing Medicine announced their ophthalmology Practice Management system and we were ecstatic. An all-in-one system was ideal, so we implemented Practice Management in 2017 and have experienced the benefits ever since.

Improved Documentation and Coding in Our Ophthalmology EMR

As a practice, we value the automatic and suggested codes and detailed documentation EMA suggests. I am a stickler with coding and used to inspect every paper chart. Now, with EMA, our coding has improved because the doctors and scribes can view the suggested codes to help ensure nothing was missed during the exam, and we have the documentation to support it. The notes in our previous system were lengthy and weren’t as aesthetically pleasing or detailed as in EMA.

One of our patients is a doctor and asked to see her chart because she was so impressed. Never had she seen such a well-documented visit note. I also like that I can write individualized notes in the patient statement. We didn’t have that functionality with our previous ophthalmology EMR system.

A Simplified Workflow With Ophthalmology Practice Management

practice management for ophthalmology on a laptopModernizing Medicine’s ophthalmology practice management system works seamlessly with EMA as part of an all-in-one solution, bridging the gap between our front and back offices. Prior to implementing Modernizing Medicine’s practice management system, we had the time-consuming task of manually entering the ophthalmology billing codes. Now, the all-in-one system saves time and streamlines our workflow. The front desk can check insurance eligibility in real-time prior to the appointment. At checkout, they can view the visit note for follow-up information and patient balance. This visibility helps equip the staff with the knowledge they need to quickly process a patient encounter. Everything we need is at our fingertips on one screen.

Since our productivity and financial success are very important to me, I love the personalized reports I can create within the ophthalmology practice management system. For example, I can view the most frequently used ophthalmology codes or how many workups each technician completed. I also run time studies that track the patient through the entire exam, from check-in to when their pressure was taken to when they were dilated, etc. This saves me numerous hours timing it manually. EMA is the best ophthalmology EMR system I’ve seen, and the practice management system is not far behind. With every update, we experience significant improvements. We are very happy we switched to modmed Ophthalmology.

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Key Benefits Experienced Using the Ophthalmology EMR, EMA, and Suite of Solutions

  • Streamlined workflow with an all-in-one ophthalmology system
  • Increased documentation detail and reporting capability
  • Saved time due to the user-friendly interface
  • Improved billing operations with suggested coding
Linda Gallo

Linda Gallo

Practice Administrator

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