Ophthalmology EMR Success Story: Retina & Vitreous of Texas

by Eli Tallman, MHA | Apr 18, 2018 | , ,

Learn how this ophthalmology practice increases revenue and saves time with the easy-to-use suite of ophthalmology software

Retina & Vitreous of Texas serves 12 locations throughout the Houston area while dedicated to providing quality medical and surgical care to their patients. Their team of five physicians focuses on providing personalized treatment for their patients, with help from Modernizing Medicine’s state-of-the-art modmed® Ophthalmology suite. This suite includes EMA™, the ophthalmology electronic medical record (EMR) system, as well as Modernizing Medicine’s integrated Practice Management and Analytics platforms. Eli Tallman, practice administrator, shares his story about how using Modernizing Medicine’s ophthalmology EMR software, practice management system and analytics platform improved their practice in more ways than one.

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State-of-the-Art Technology and Ophthalmology EMR Software

Prior to modmed Ophthalmology, we used cumbersome EMR and ophthalmology practice management systems that slowed us down and lacked stability and support. Additionally they did not have sufficient documentation to achieve quality measures under MIPS. We had already begun searching for other options when I saw EMA at a coding seminar. The native iPad application, ophthalmology content and automated notes and billing made the system an appealing option.

When I learned that Modernizing Medicine offers Practice Management and a built-in MIPS solution — a big differentiator from the competitor we were vetting — it made complete sense to move forward with the all-in-one system.

At my previous practice, I went through a system change that did not go smoothly and required a significant amount of work and late nights, so I was apprehensive about the transition. The Modernizing Medicine team was very supportive and thorough in planning for the switch, which resulted in a smooth transition. We reduced our schedule by about 50 percent the first week and 30 percent the second week. By the third week, we returned to our full schedule. Now that we’re over the learning curve, our providers are much happier than with our previous system.

Saving Time and Money with Our Ophthalmology EMR and Practice Management Systems

Designed specifically for ophthalmology practices, Modernizing Medicine’s ophthalmology EMR and Practice Management systems have helped us simplify the workflow at our practice. Notes and billing codes are generated automatically and payment turnarounds have been faster, resulting in time savings while increasing monthly revenue.

Our providers see 30-50 patients per day without using scribes, and EMA helps them remain efficient while producing their documentation. We utilize Protocols, which provides one-click documentation for common exam types with preloaded procedure, diagnosis and treatment data. Also, a follow-up note can take a few minutes or less because EMA carries forward the prior note.

The all-in-one system streamlines check-in and checkout and is much easier to use compared to our previous platform. Everything we need—from insurance eligibility to balances due—is there and we don’t have to click through multiple screens. This saves a tremendous amount of time. In addition, we now have better control of our schedule by using the Appointment Finder; it provides the flexibility to search as broadly or narrowly as needed and doesn’t affect the speed of the results.


Our monthly revenue increased due to automatic coding, quicker payment turnaround times and the ability to locate our deficiencies. Our previous system was arduous at best. The Practice Management system in modmed Ophthalmology submits approved claims automatically every three hours and electronically sends them to the payers. This resulted in 20-day payment turnaround times versus 35 days with our former system.

Also, the Analytics platform tracks injectable drugs and our high-dollar procedures, and it identifies opportunities for patient payment assistance programs to help us bill properly so that we receive reimbursements in full.

healthcare data analytics for ophthalmology

Analytics Platform

Tracks 2018 MIPS Performance Measures

EMA simplifies and automates MIPS reporting, freeing up time and resources in our practice. EMA’s MIPS solution is the best I’ve seen on the market. I view results and track scores in near real time. If a measure is missed, we flag it and enter a note to help ensure we capture the specific documentation needed during the next visit. If we relied on other companies to pull that data for us, we’d be 60+ days behind the curve. Now I can view results daily. We’ve successfully submitted for MIPS with an estimated overall score of 97.25% and all our providers should be eligible for incentives. We went from the stone age to the modern, value-based era thanks to Modernizing Medicine.  

MIPS Dashboard in EMA

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The key benefits experienced using Modernizing Medicine ophthalmology EMR software and suite of ophthalmology solutions include:

  • Saved time due to automated note and billing generation
  • Increased revenue due to automatic coding
  • Decreased payment turnaround times
  • Streamlined check-in and checkout process

To read the PDF of the full case study, click here.  

Eli Tallman, MHA

Practice Administrator

Eli has over 10 years of health care experience working in the areas of clinical operations, revenue cycle management, operations improvement and complete practice management. His initial introduction to health care began as a clinical assistant at an ambulatory surgery center where he quickly realized his passion for process improvement and operations efficiency. From there Eli went on to receive his Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and began his career in practice management. He has worked for primary care and specialty groups and has helped turn around fledgling business lines and make them strong contributors to the bottom line.

Eli enjoys the challenges presented by practice management and looks at each challenge as an opportunity to gain new knowledge. Outside of the office, Eli enjoys swimming, watching movies and spending time with family.

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