2018 Ophthalmology Software Reviews

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Looking for a new ophthalmology EHR system? Get insights from Modernizing Medicine clients on their ophthalmology software experiences.

As the Director of EMA™ Ophthalmology and a former client, I have gained a deeper perspective and unique understanding of just how critical using the best ophthalmology electronic medical record (EHR) system for your practice truly is.

Deciding to transition to a new ophthalmology EHR system can certainly take an investment of time, money and additional resources, but it’s one that can have both immediate and long-term benefits for the clinical, operational and financial aspects of your practice. Once you review your list of ophthalmology EHR considerations and check off the right boxes, sometimes speaking with and hearing about experiences from current clients can help solidify your decision.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read and watch more from our clients who have shared their perspectives on how utilizing the best ophthalmology software for your practice can truly bring added value.  

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Our demo will show you how you could save valuable time with each patient. Every. Single. Day.

Let the Numbers Tell the EHR Success Story

I’m a numbers person and when I see impressive stats, it leaves a lasting impact and I want to learn more. When it comes to how ophthalmology software can help increase patient volume and productivity, the results some of our clients have experienced often speak for themselves.

“After a short six weeks of using our previous EHR system, our productivity had plummeted so significantly that we couldn’t afford to continue using it. Within one month of using EMA, we were at 108% of productivity which warranted that we had made the right decision.” – Don Abrams, MD, Krieger Eye Institute

“I see between 40-50 patients per day without the use of a scribe. EMA anticipates my next move, allowing me to focus on treating my patients without interruption to my workflow.” – Alan R. Malouf, MD, PA

Ophthalmology Software That Learns How You Practice

Oftentimes, I have found that other ophthalmology EHRs need customization for each of the practice’s providers, which requires time that you could be seeing and treating patients. EMA’s adaptive learning engine learns how each provider practices and their personal treatment preferences.

“EMA is so intuitive and learns how I treat my patients. After I get a diagnosis multiple times, I feel like EMA is reading my mind but that’s how it’s programmed. EMA thinks of things that I wouldn’t, which is what really amazes me. There is no other EHR system that compares.” – Jonathan A. Feistmann, MD, PC, NYC Retina

Automated Suggested Coding Helps Save Time

EMA suggests codes in the background as you document, but with other EHRs you have to manually insert all of the codes yourself. Which one would you prefer? It’s apparent after hearing from clients on how automated suggested coding has benefited their practices.

“I love that EMA generates suggested ophthalmology ICD-10 codes for me. Every diagnosis and every plan within the system uses structured data to suggest codes, which saves me time and helps me to be able to leave my office and not worry about my billing.”
– Elson Lai, MD, Rosemead Eye Center

“Prior to EMA, I manually completed my own coding. Now that EMA automatically suggests the codes, we believe that our documentation is much more accurate so we not only save money, but also earn more.”  – Alan R. Malouf, MD, PA

“EMA also automatically suggests billing codes and even suggests E&M vs. eye codes, allowing me to choose the best fit. Now I have confidence that once my notes are finalized, they are going out into the world in a legible fashion.” – Nicole Fram, MD, Advanced Vision Care

Built for Your Ophthalmic Subspecialty

As I mentioned previously, I used EMA as a practicing retina specialist and the built-in retina knowledge really made the software stand out compared to other ophthalmology EHRs. Each ophthalmic subspecialty has its own characteristics and the ophthalmologists on staff at Modernizing Medicine understand that and have built EMA to accommodate the needs of such subspecialties’ unique workflow.

“As a Cornea, Cataract & Refractive Surgeon, I appreciate the comprehensive counseling information and treatment protocols for the diagnoses I most commonly encounter. I can create operative reports for anterior segment procedures with the touch of a button, eliminating the need to dictate reports over the phone.” – Ajit Nemi, MD, MBA, Lotus Vision


So what are two of the reasons I have found the ophthalmology EHR, EMA, to work so seamlessly? Efficiency and intuitiveness. And it appears that our clients share a similar sentiment.

“The process of coding ICD-10 through the EMA product is now seamless. We did not even skip a beat, and it was not an issue. Those were the major reasons that we moved with Modernizing Medicine for the flexibility, the adaptability and the ease of use.” – Dr. Burks, MD, FACS, Ophthalmology Consultants

“I don’t use email but I know how to use EMA, it’s that easy. During the first year of using EMA we saw a marked increase in collections.” – Kent Carlson, MD, Minnesota Eye Institute

Prepared for Value-based Medicine and MIPS

Ahh, MIPS. The four letter word that everyone loves to hate, but one that isn’t going away anytime soon. Having an ophthalmology EHR that has a built-in Merit-based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS) intelligence platform and a vendor that offers MIPS advising services can help give you the support you need for value-based medicine.

“The MIPS automation that is built into EMA captures the required data for CMS reporting without difficulty, and I’m even able to view my estimated score in real time. Wow! EMA has made what seems like an overwhelming process quite simple.” – Randy Burks, MD, FACS, Ophthalmology Consultants

In this video, Dr. Burks expands upon how he and his practice have benefited by using the ophthalmology EHR, EMA.

Your experience with customer service can really make or break your perspective on a company, product or service. From the moment you schedule a demo of an ophthalmology EHR, to the time you’re ready for implementation, training and support for years to come, you want an EHR vendor you can both trust and enjoy a collaborative relationship with.

“The implementation experience that we’ve had with Modernizing Medicine was by far the best that I’ve seen in the industry.” – Noah England, Practice Administrator at the Eye and Laser Center

“The support online was outstanding along with the fact that we could receive same-day responses online. After having been on other EHRs, this was very new to us. I think it’s exceedingly important you have a visionary person in the company who is adept at informatics and who has been successful in the marketplace, which the founder of Modernizing Medicine is. Dan Cane’s track record was important to me.” – Dr. Edward Hedaya, Invision Eye Care

You can really learn to love your ophthalmology EHR if it’s the right one for your needs as an ophthalmologist and for your practice.

Interested in learning more about the ophthalmology EHR, EMA?

Michael B. Rivers, MD

Michael B. Rivers, MD

Director of Ophthalmology

Dr. Michael B. Rivers is the Director Ophthalmology. In this role, he helps Modernizing Medicine evolve the ophthalmology platform by combining his years of experience as a board-certified ophthalmologist and retina surgeon with his expertise implementing and using the EMA® EHR system at the Retina Group of Washington (RGW). Michael speaks with physician users, listens to their needs and communicates them to the development, customer success and other teams at Modernizing Medicine.

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Our demo will show you how you could save valuable time with each patient. Every. Single. Day.

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