Connecticut Family Orthopedics Benefits by Using Orthopedic EHR and Practice Management Systems

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Practice Experiences an Increase in Patient Volume and Financial Outcomes With Orthopedic Software

From an Outdated to a Modern EMR System and Beyond

photo of Connecticut Family Orthopedics physiciansOur dedicated, board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons at Connecticut Family Orthopedics provide their patients a full continuum of care, including diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. As our practice grew to 10 providers and three locations, the need for innovative, orthopedic technology drove our switch to Modernizing Medicine®’s modmed® Orthopedics suite. This suite includes the award-winning orthopedic electronic medical record (EMR) system, EMA™, and orthopedic Practice Management platform.

Our previous EMR and practice management systems were outdated and performed inadequately, which prompted the switch. We researched other EMR systems by entering our needs into a software review site that compared different EMR vendors. From there, we narrowed down the list to three companies, including Modernizing Medicine, and began interviewing each. We quickly discovered that EMA is more modern, orthopedic-specific, innovative and well priced than any of the other EMR systems we had seen. Also, I’ve worked with 12 different practice management systems, and Modernizing Medicine’s orthopedic practice management platform is by far the most user-friendly I’ve experienced.

F. Scott Gray, MDIn speaking with our managing partner and one of our physicians about our new EHR system, Dr. F. Scott Gray shared, “Since implementing EMA, I’m more efficient throughout my day. I can order blood work and radiographic studies quickly, and I can send patient information to referring doctors with just a few clicks. I’m usually done charting by the time I leave the office versus spending hours at home completing my notes.”  

A Seamless Transition to Our New Orthopedic Software

We utilized the onsite training program Modernizing Medicine provides and the transition was seamless. We came prepared to learn, and the Modernizing Medicine trainers were patient as we worked through the learning curve together. Our providers were comfortable with the EHR system after the first training session because it’s that easy to use.

man in button-down shirt using PocketEMA app on iPhoneSince implementation, we’ve gained efficiency, enabling each provider to see around 10 more patients per day. The providers also appreciate the ability to access patient information from home using the PocketEMA™ app on their phones. Because EMA interfaces with Ambra Health’s medical image management suite, they can also view X-rays which saves time.


Financial Clarity Improves Outcomes

As part of an all-in-one solution, EMA and Practice Management work seamlessly together to streamline scheduling, check-in, checkout, billing and reporting. The time saved enabled our practice to increase patient volume and shortened payment turnaround times.

With our previous EHR system, it took some providers two weeks to finalize their notes because they dictated and the system required multiple clicks. This delayed orthopedic billing, so my reporting was off. With EMA, the providers can finalize a note right away, which makes a huge difference in terms of financial reporting. Now, we are down to the day with our financials versus two weeks.

The suggested codes EMA automatically provides have helped increase our revenue, and the physicians like being able to view orthopedic billing codes directly from the chart. Also, the front desk can view the note and patient balance owed. This transparency helps reduce errors and facilitates staff communication because we don’t have to jump back and forth between systems.

In our old system, we couldn’t view the explanation of benefits because it was housed on a different website that we couldn’t access. With Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management, all the information we need is at our fingertips, so we are prepared when a patient calls with questions about their statement. Having patient information easily accessible is a huge timesaver. We’ve been able to cut down at least two full-time employees, which saves around 80 hours of work per week.

Our biller and I love the reporting functionality the orthopedic Practice Management system offers. Every Monday, we run the denial and unallocated reports to ensure money collected was posted. The denial report identifies our high-dollar claims and sorts them by oldest to newest so we can file in a timely manner. We are happy to see that the turnaround time for payments is much quicker than with our previous system—our payments typically arrive within 30 days, and we currently don’t have any outstanding payments over 90 days.

Modernizing Medicine Listens and Cares

I love modmed Orthopedics because it is the most user-friendly, cutting-edge system I’ve seen. The technology is continuously updated, and Modernizing Medicine takes their clients’ recommendations seriously. We also fell in love with the way Modernizing Medicine treats their employees and cares about the patient experience, which aligns with the mindset we portray at Connecticut Family Orthopedics.

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What are the key benefits experienced by using Modernizing Medicine’s orthopedic EHR and orthopedic practice management?

  • Streamlined workflow, which may help reduce errors, with an all-in-one system
  • Increased patient volume by 10 patients per day per provider
  • Saved around 80 hours of work per week
  • Shortened payment turnaround times
Cortney Hill

Cortney Hill

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