Case Study

Dr. Steven Gorin Uses Customizable Orthopedic EHR system, EMA™, to Help Increase Productivity


The Challenges

  • Non orthopedic-specific EHR
  • Irrelevant charts and templates
  • Wasted time recreating notes

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Orthopedic electronic health records system
  • Intuitive interface helps increase productivity
  • Automated suggested coding helps increase efficiency
  • Cloud-based technology allows for easy access to patient data

Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics reaps benefits from orthopedic software.

With EMA, a new patient note may take me a couple of minutes and a follow up note can take 15-30 seconds. Unlike how other general systems operate, EMA doesn’t include charts and templates that don’t pertain to me. I’m able to remain efficient and productive throughout my day.”



When Dr. Steven Gorin, a Florida-based orthopedic surgeon, started his new practice, Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, in 2006, one of the most important tasks was to secure an orthopedic EHR system. “Before starting with EMA, I had experienced two EHR systems that were not orthopedic-specific or prepared for the upcoming government mandates, plus the transition to ICD-10. I needed an advanced system that would be compatible with my practice and know orthopedic workflow,” he explained.

“I attended the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting and researched about eight EHR systems there, including two that seemed to be orthopedic-specific. They looked very nice on the surface but after I dug deeper into those products, I discovered they did not work very well and wouldn’t be a good fit for my practice,” Dr. Gorin explained. “My practice management system company recommended Modernizing Medicine’s orthopedic EHR system, EMA.

After reviewing numerous systems, I decided that EMA would most fit my practice and was exactly what I was looking for in an orthopedic EHR system. EMA is orthopedic-specific, integrates with my current practice management system, works efficiently and best of all automatically remembers my preferences. The general systems I experienced required a lot of work to tailor them to my own style of practice.”

A Supportive Training Experience

“The training for EMA was very straightforward and quick compared to my previous EHR systems. It only took a couple days for my staff to understand and learn it. We began seeing a few new patients every day with EMA and were fully live within a few weeks. There are also videos on Modernizing Medicine’s user site that we could refer to if we got stuck. Whenever we contact support, they are very reliable and quickly answer any questions.”

An Orthopedic EHR Built for Orthopedists

One of the key features of EMA that was important to Dr. Gorin is the fact that it’s orthopedic-specific. EMA was designed to think like a real orthopedic surgeon and know the specialty-specific workflow. “What really made EMA interesting for me was that the system was designed and written by practicing orthopedic surgeons. Other systems have software engineers coding the product who don’t understand our workflow and what we need to get through the day efficiently. To me that is what makes EMA stand out from the rest,” said Dr. Gorin.

“EMA has really helped increase my practice productivity in the sense that it focuses on what I do and what needs to be done with my notes. With note taking, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel because the orthopedic-specific verbiage is already there, plus the notes are patient-specific, read normally and I don’t have to worry about cloning. EMA knows the common diagnoses I use and is customizable to my style of practice. For example, if I have a specific plan for a knee replacement, that plan will remain accessible so I don’t have to keep adding it every single time. A new patient note may take me a couple of minutes and a follow up note can take 15-30 seconds. Unlike how other general systems operate, EMA doesn’t include charts and templates that don’t pertain to me. I’m able to remain efficient and productive throughout my day,” he explained.

Automated Suggested Orthopedic Coding

EMA helps with the tedious task of coding by automatically suggesting ICD-10 codes helping Dr. Gorin be more efficient. “One of the biggest draws for me was knowing that EMA had a solution for ICD-10. The system already includes the ICD-10 codes, and suggested codes automatically populate after touching the 3D Interactive Anatomical Atlas™. I am then able to review and confirm these codes, or revise, as appropriate. I’m able to increase my efficiency because EMA is straightforward with my billing,” Dr. Gorin explained. “One of the features I really appreciate about EMA is that it’s always staying ahead of the curve with the changes in healthcare. I’m able to get through the day and focus on my patients.”

Easy Access With the Cloud EHR

EMA is cloud-based allowing Dr. Gorin to access his patient’s information from virtually anywhere with an internet connection using an iPad, Mac, PC or smartphone. “My first EHR system was server-based so in order to access patient data while away from the office, I had to log in through a virtual private network. It was inconvenient to be required to use a certain computer to access information, not to mention this setup was costly,” he said. “With EMA, I can use my iPad or access PocketEMA™ on my Android. Having this smaller version of EMA on my smartphone to reference a chart on the go is very useful. I can ePrescribe, look up patient information and note in real time, no matter where I am. Modernizing Medicine really created a convenient tool that will improve the way we as orthopedic surgeons practice.”

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