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Learn How South Palm Orthopedics Saves Two Hours a Day and Increases Revenue by Using the Orthopedic EHR system, EMA®

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The Goals

  • Save time
  • Automate processes to help increase efficiency and productivity
  • Generate notes and codes automatically
  • Simplify MIPS compliance efforts and spend less time on reporting

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Smooth implementation experience
  • Saved time due to automated suggested coding
  • Improved MIPS performance
Steve Meadows, MD

“We save around two hours a day while seeing more patients due to EMA’s ease of use and other initiatives. Also, we significantly increased our revenue per provider due to more accurate coding and the ability to see more patients.”​


As the practice manager for South Palm Orthopedics located in Delray Beach, Fla., I wanted to share our story on how we’ve saved time and increased revenue by using Modernizing Medicine’s orthopedic EHR system, EMA®. 

About South Palm Orthopedics

Our orthopedic practice offers specialized treatment in all areas of orthopedics, including joint reconstruction, sports medicine, hand and wrist surgery, trauma and fracture repair, and foot and ankle conditions. Our staff consists of five fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons, one physiatrist and two physician assistants. As a growing practice we switched from a cumbersome electronic health record (EHR) system to EMA, the intuitive, easy-to-use orthopedic EHR system from Modernizing Medicine®.

Making the Right Move

Our previous system was a glorified transcription machine that picked up incorrect words and frequently froze, creating more work for everyone. After 10 years of dealing with performance issues, we couldn’t take it anymore and decided to change systems.

Dr. Steve Meadows, our lead surgeon, researched EMA and was very impressed with what he saw. The touch-based iPad platform automates orthopedic-specific documentation and billing, which was exactly what Dr. Meadows was looking for. He piloted EMA and was so pleased that we transitioned our entire practice in 2015 without regrets. The implementation process went smoothly, and the Modernizing Medicine educators were significant to our success. Initially, we lowered our patient schedule to accommodate the small learning curve, but we quickly ramped up to normal volume once we got the hang of our new orthopedic EHR system, EMA.

We’re Seeing More Patients and Saving Time

Both Dr. Meadows and I have experienced first-hand the positive impact EMA continues to have on our practice thanks to the process automation and intuitive interface the system provides.

EMA has saved us time and money because it’s so easy to use, it codes automatically and it generates thorough documentation in minutes, enabling the providers to finish their days earlier while seeing more patients. With our previous EHR system, we finished our day around 5:30 or 6 p.m. and with EMA, we finish by 4 p.m. at the latest.

Dr. Steve Meadows shares a similar sentiment and when we were talking about it one day he said,  “EMA is the best EHR system for orthopedics. Since implementation, my E&M coding has improved, raising my level of service legitimately. We save around two hours a day while seeing more patients due to EMA’s ease of use and other initiatives. Also, we significantly increased our revenue per provider due to more accurate coding and the ability to see more patients. EMA has been phenomenal for our practice.

We’re also excited to implement modmed® Kiosk, which will let our patients enter their check-in information on an iPad instead of paper. That will be amazing in helping with time savings and will streamline our front office operations.

Potential To Earn More Under MIPS

Modernizing Medicine provides solutions that our practice needs to help us achieve MIPS success. EMA is designed to collect providers’ MIPS data within the flow of an exam and track our estimated Composite Performance Scores. Our practice also utilizes Modernizing Medicine’s Advisory Services, which provides a dedicated MIPS specialist who is focused on helping the practice achieve its MIPS goals.

EMA calculates the exam and gathers the data needed to track our MIPS performance measures. Our medical assistants and I can view the note and clearly understand the measure needed for that exam. I view our MIPS dashboard every two weeks to keep a pulse on our status, and our MIPS Advisor also tracks our progress.

It all comes down to time. We don’t have a designated person in our office to focus on MIPS, so we’d rather have Modernizing Medicine help us handle it and our Advisor helps us with submitting, which is what we need. We are currently on track and plan to receive a significant incentive for each provider in 2019.

I can’t say it enough: the Modernizing Medicine team is great. Anytime I have a question, someone provides me with the answer. I never hesitate to tell others, ‘You should consider Modernizing Medicine if you want a company that works with you.’

Interested in seeing EMA for yourself? Contact Modernizing Medicine today.

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Patsy Smith

Patsy Smith


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