Words of Wisdom from Mom and Dad

In honor of Bring in Your Parents Day (#BIYP) and the sage advice our parents have given over the years (whether we asked for it or not), we asked our employees about the most valuable advice their parent(s) have shared with them. Words of wisdom ran the gamut from practical to hilarious to everything in-between.

This is the 2nd Annual BIYP event that Modernizing Medicine is hosting. Check out photos from last year. This is just one of our annual events that tie into our dynamic and forward-thinking company culture. It is an event where employees can thank their parents for how they have helped them along the way, and it’s a time for parents to get brag-worthy info to share with the rest of their family and friends. What your parents think you do and what you actually do are probably quite different. One of the reasons many employees enjoy working here is because of the people. So what’s better than getting closer to your co-workers by meeting their parents? Our folks have taught us so much, so this event enables their kids to teach them a thing or two.

And now for the words of wisdom. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Two pieces of advice come to mind: First, you can do everything correct and still not achieve your goal. That is not failure; that is life. Failure is when you stop trying. And second, treat people how you want to be treated. Respect is earned much faster with kindness than with anger. – Eston Motz-Petri, Support Specialist
  • The best advice my mom gave me: Making sure you don’t get into financial debt is the greatest thing in life and for the family. – Manjeera Anumulapally, Quality Assurance Engineer
  • My dad always quoted songs when he gave advice: Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. – Kevin Pascual, RCM Implementation Coordinator
  • Never make up your mind that you don’t like someone, because if you do, everything that person does will upset you and drive you crazy. Have a positive attitude, treat every day like a fresh start. – Chris Koolhof, Patient Services Specialist
  • There are going to be many things in life you are going to want; I can’t help you with those things. But if there is anything you need, let me know. – Anthony Perkins, Lead Support Specialist
  • Remember who you are. – Joshua Koontz, Business Analyst Supervisor
  • Always keep deodorant in your car! – Bonnie Parham, Integration Specialist
  • My father said: Dream big, work hard, achieve anything! – Mihai Fonoage, Senior Director of Mobile Development
  • There is a solution to every problem. This has motivated me to never give up when faced with difficult problems, because the solution is out there. We just have to find it. – Victor Gallego, Quality Assurance Engineer
  • I remember very fondly, every single day of my life, my parents’ honesty, humility, hard work, perseverance and kindness to everyone, including animals. – Minakshi Mishra, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Go to college; get your education. – Kevin McGarrell, Support Supervisor
  • It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you can save. They were always wise about spending their money, doing projects themselves and being-hands-on. – Joy Gewerth, Senior Patient Support Specialist
  • Career Advice: Work hard in silence…let the success make some noise. Life Advice: All you need to be happy is within you. Happiness starts within. Do not expect anyone else to make you happy. – Karuna Vootukuri, Senior Director of Quality Assurance
  • My mother told me once: Do the best you can do every time. Sometimes, people will think that your efforts are not enough, that you are not good. But the important thing is how do you feel about it. Did you do your best? Only if the answers is ‘yes,’ you can feel proud, even if, to the world, you look defeated. And my father once told me: Always remember that you work with people. People like you, with problems, with loved ones, with sad days and joyous days. So, every time you do something, think of the repercussion that your actions will have on other people, because that person at the other side is not really different than you. – Alejandro Caballero Salas, Software Developer
  • My mother-in-law is always using the expression: Keep on Trucking! – Dawn Andersen, Contract Analyst and Administrator
  • Treat others how you want to be treated and always look out for those less fortunate than you. You never know when you can be in the same position needing help. – Tamirra Morton, Revenue Cycle Specialist
  • Two things: Don’t be right, be kind. And second, no mandatory fun. – Mandy Long, Vice President of Product Management
  • My dad always used to tell me to save money. No matter the amount just save. I always thought there was plenty of time to save, but time goes by and before you know it, I am telling myself I should have saved. – Monica Acosta, Revenue Cycle Specialist
  • Mind your own business and drink a beer. – Angela Maura, Product Success Manager
  • You can get HAPPY in the same pants you got MAD in! – Lisa Smalley, Project Manager
  • Always believe in yourself and your abilities…never give up! – Elizabeth Good, Revenue Cycle Specialist
  • My dad had two he would always say : Did you learn anything from that experience? And too much of anything isn’t good for you. – Alison Murray, Marketing Events Coordinator
  • My dad who was a quality engineer, inventor and impassioned people manager gave me two pieces of wisdom that stick with me to this day: You must be disciplined to understand a problem before you set out to solve it. And lead with integrity. Employees are human beings, people with families, and they matter. Everyone sets out to do their best, and it’s your job to lead them to their best. Do not critique them for shortcomings that are the result of training gaps or poor management. – Danielle MacLean, Director of Project Management
Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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