Part 2: EMA Central Gets a Facelift

In a recent post, we discussed the “facelift” our EMA Central Support Center received to create a more user-friendly environment for current clients. This post dives a little deeper into the specialty-specific support center, detailing some of the features that have shown to be most beneficial for our clients.

The Knowledge Base
In EMA Central, users will find Modernizing Medicine’s knowledge base: a library that stores training materials, such as quick reference guides, helpful video lessons, webinars, and release notes, all geared toward helping our clients become experts in modmed EMA™, the Electronic Medical Assistant®. These materials can be accessed easily from the homepage via the global search, or by selecting from the icons seen in the image below. And coming soon – a modmed Telehealth™ icon.

An awesome feature in our site is that all information in EMA Central is specialty-specific. Clients will only be able to see information pertaining to their practice’s specialty. No sifting through data unnecessary to your workflow!

GPS: Navigating EMA Central
There is an abundance of resources to explore, and we advise clients to navigate through the different sections to familiarize themselves with where they can find materials specific to their needs. To easily navigate back to useful sections or articles, users can follow, or subscribe to, individual articles or sections. If an article they follow is updated, or if an article is added to the section they follow, they will receive a notification. A list of their subscriptions can be found within the Requests tab.

Most Trafficked Pages
According to our analytics, the third most viewed page (behind the homepage and the list of submitted requests) is the video library. Here, clients can view webinars that demonstrate new features in the upcoming software releases, or they can re-watch lessons on how to use different aspects of modmed EMA.

Support Team to the Rescue
On the rare occasion a user can’t find what they’re looking for within our categories and forums, clients can ask the Modernizing Medicine support team for help by submitting a ticket, also known as a request. When filling out the request form, clients have the ability to describe the issue they’re having. Our Support Team will then address the request in a timely manner.

With the recent updates and continued enhancements, EMA Central provides the best assistance in keeping clients informed and engaged on all things Modernizing Medicine.

Are you a client and want to take advantage of the benefits of EMA Central? We thought so! Click here to sign up.

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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