Peachtree Dermatology Shares Its Success Story

How Peachtree Dermatology Associates’ dermatology EMR system & dermatology practice management system have improved practice efficiencies & more

As the Practice Administrator at Peachtree Dermatology, I wanted to share our practice’s success story on how we’ve improved efficiencies and are prepared for MIPS by using the modmed® Dermatology suite.

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A Bit About Our Dermatology Practice & History with Modernizing Medicine®

Our practice, Peachtree Dermatology Associates, is comprised of six providers, and we have served the Atlanta, Ga. area since 1957. After 10 years of using various outdated, general electronic health record (EHR) systems, our group implemented EMA™, Modernizing Medicine’s award-winning dermatology-specific EHR system. A few years later, we became a beta user for Modernizing Medicine’s dermatology Practice Management system. As part of the modmed Dermatology suite, EMA and Practice Management combine scheduling, financials, medical visits and reporting capabilities into one easy-to-use system, which is exactly what our practice needed.

Why We Switched to EMA, Modernizing Medicine’s Dermatology EMR System

We initially converted to EMA because compliance requirements became too complex for our previous system to handle, and our providers spent hours charting at the end of the day. With EMA, we’ve attested every year, are on track for MIPS and our providers can finalize a note within minutes after an exam. The need for an all-in-one dermatology solution was the key component that motivated us to add on the dermatology Practice Management, which proved to be the right decision. Now I can view detailed reports that track our dermatology MIPS performance measures, have full visibility of financials and identify workflow bottlenecks. We credit Modernizing Medicine for giving us the tools we need to be successful.

Dermatology Practice Management Improves Patient and Office Flow

As I previously mentioned, we were fortunate to be identified as a beta site for the dermatology Practice Management system. We had the opportunity to present problems that we experienced, and Modernizing Medicine listened. The system is so much better than when we started due to the drastic improvements and enhancements implemented by the Modernizing Medicine team based on actual user feedback from practices like ours.

A Few of Our Favorite Dermatology Practice Management Features

One of our favorite features within Practice Management is the Appointment Flow because we can track patient flow seamlessly. It displays when the patient checked in, which in turn signals to the medical assistant that they can start the treatment process, and then it displays which exam room the patient is assigned to and when they checked out. Our providers can also tell if a patient was a no-show so they can move on to the next. We continually strive to remain efficient so our patients are processed quickly without long wait times, and Practice Management allows us to do that.

The front desk easily filters appointment availability based on the patient’s preferences and quickly schedules by using the Appointment Finder, which is another great feature. Also, the checkout process is faster and smoother because our staff has access to the patient’s notes instantly so they know what the next steps are. We then recommend certain products, if needed, to follow through with their care.

Personally, I utilize the reporting capability to keep a pulse on the practice operations and determine which areas need improvement or resolution. For example, from the homepage, I can select a provider, view how many notes are unsigned and follow up with that provider directly to resolve the bottleneck. With our previous system, some charts went unsigned for days, creating a backlog, which delayed billing and negatively impacted cash flow. Now I have the tools to easily identify issues before they become problematic.

An Elevated Level of Customer Service

One of the important factors discovered throughout our journey with Modernizing Medicine is that they listen to us and use our feedback to improve their dermatology products. They realize that in order to be successful, they’ve got to listen to their clients. I’m always excited to see what enhancements will be added next, and I know we’ll continue to see improvements that will make modmed Dermatology even better than it already is today.

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Some Key Benefits of the Dermatology Solutions include EMA and Practice Management:

  • Streamline workflow and improve efficiencies
  • Track dermatology MIPS performance measures with ease
  • View key metrics that aid in successful practice operations
  • Speed up check-in and checkout
Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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