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Are you prepared to compete in a highly competitive market?

The field of gastroenterology has evolved into a highly competitive market. Though the specialty experienced the second-highest decline in revenue during the pandemic, the return to care has become a boon for many practices—practices that are prepared for the new demand in healthcare.

Gone are the days when a friendly bedside manner and warm cup of coffee in the waiting room were the key touchpoints to driving more business. The modern patient may never set foot in the office, and most are hoping that if they do, they won’t sit in the waiting room for long.

Many patients wish that making a doctor appointment or paying for their healthcare bills was as easy as reserving a table at their favorite restaurant or paying for a ride to the airport.

So, the question remains: Is your practice or ASC prepared to meet these expectations in order to be competitive in the marketplace?

The software you select for your office can make a difference in patient acquisition and retention.

gGastro Suite includes the award-winning combination of integrated Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management and EHR*. This intuitive solution for ASCs and practices was built around gastroenterology workflows and has the tools practices need to support better patient interactions.

From the moment your patients schedule an appointment, the gGastro suite of solutions goes to work behind the scenes, populating schedules, initiating an appointment reminder sequence and kicking off notifications to register with the patient portal. And that’s only the beginning. How does it all work?

  1. Patient schedules a telehealth or in-office appointment.
  2. An email is sent prompting the patient to set up his/her gPortal™ account.
  3. gReminder+™ works directly off your schedule in gPM™ to send appointment reminders and confirmations automatically via phone, text or email.
  4. With portal registration, patients can see their appointments, manage and update their current medications and fill out pre-appointment paperwork.
  5. On appointment day, leverage gReminder+ to reduce contact by asking patients to reply to their appointment confirmation when they have arrived at the center. Through the use of Secure Messaging, one-to-one text communication can turn any patient’s vehicle into a personal waiting room and reduce contact. If appointment day is a telehealth visit, secure communication has never been easier with the telehealth solution integrated into your EHR.
  6. Once in the office, check-in is quick and simple with gKiosk™, patients can complete any missed paperwork and sign all forms on the tablet—no paperwork required. Your staff can also collect payments with gKiosk (available with gPM and modmed Pay).
  7. If your patient needs a procedure, gEstimator™ allows you to provide cost estimates to help patients prepare financially for their care.
  8. When the appointment is done, gSurvey™ can automatically send out a feedback survey so you can keep tabs on the patient experience. Aggregate reporting ensures you can adapt operational pain points and replicate successes.
  9. Tools like gInsights™ can give you an edge over the competition because you can get up to the minute analytics to determine where in the patient journey your operation is thriving and where you might want to make some changes. Plus, you can see financial data to easily tie your operation to ROI.

And, that’s just the patient experience. gGastro also helps eliminate redundant tasks, reduce time spent documenting and enhance productivity. Now that it is designed to be faster, imagine how much time you could save! From your office to your ASC, the gGastro 5.0 update is helping gastroenterologists stand out from the crowd.

Help improve performance at your practice with the beautifully-redesigned gGastro 5.0.

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*2020 Black Book™ Integrated Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management and EHR in Surgical Specialties report.

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