Employee Profile: Michelle Estes, Revenue Cycle Advisor

What’s the best way to learn about a company and careers? Hearing it from current employees. Read more to see what Michelle Estes, Revenue Cycle Advisor in our Roseville, California office shared. To apply for the current Revenue Cycle Advisor role, click here. 

Team Member Since: November 2015

What is something that you have learned from your experience here? I have learned that I have a team to support me, as I used to do the whole billing processes myself.

How is Modernizing Medicine different from other places you have worked? The culture here is amazing. Even with different personalities everyone meshes together well. We are truly a team and succeed as a team.

Describe our company in three words: Positive, innovative and growing

What qualities stand out the most about our company? The quality that stands out the most is wanting to change and improve a practice’s success. It is a fantastic work environment and a company that listens to their employees and clients.

What are three ways you have developed professionally by working at Modernizing Medicine? Being able to manage 10 practices successfully, improving my communication skills and building business relationships to better help me be successful in my position.

What advice you would give to a future applicant/employee? Be a part of a fantastic company that is always growing. There are struggles but we get through things as a team.

What is your favorite aspect of your job/working for Modernizing Medicine? Being respected and valued as a person.

How did you first hear about Modernizing Medicine? Another employee of Modernizing Medicine mentioned the opening to me.

Favorite restaurant and location? Franks Pizza in Grass Valley, CA

How do you enjoy spending your free time? Listening to music, playing softball, and shopping with my daughter

If you could live in any location for a year it would be? North Carolina to be with my childhood best friend.

Share a fun, interesting, unique, etc. fact about yourself. I collect Elvis memorabilia and love the Dallas Cowboys.

What is one word you would use to describe yourself? Loyal

What accomplishment you are you most proud of? Being a mom and excelling at my job.

Want to learn more about Michelle’s role at Modernizing Medicine? Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn.

Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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