Seven Interns Share What They Learned and Achieved at Modernizing Medicine

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to write a blog post about my fellow interns’ and my experiences so far, along with our internship goals and expectations. Now, as the summer draws to a close, we’ve all been reflecting upon what we’ve learned, gained and accomplished during our time at Modernizing Medicine.

Coming in at an entry level as a Marketing Intern, I never imagined that I’d have as many opportunities as I did. This turned out to be my ideal internship experience, since I was encouraged to mold my position to my strengths and interests with support at every level from a diverse and proficient team.

As a marketing major at Lynn University, I find that my favorite thing about marketing is when a company creates truly excellent content that entertains, educates and engages people. When a great product or service is marketed well, I believe clients, consumers and the market as a whole benefit as well as the company.

At Modernizing Medicine, I have had the chance to contribute to this process in a variety of ways. I’ve learned about and participated in both outbound and inbound B2B and B2C marketing, including digital, content, direct, referral and event marketing. More specifically, I’ve written email blasts, website copy and blog posts; supported lead generation, lead conversion and sales; organized and hosted an event; assisted client references and taken photographs for internal and external marketing. In addition, I have created and published social media posts and graphics; worked on white papers, product sell sheets and a video script; communicated with prospects; contributed ideas; conducted market research and more. Not only have I witnessed firsthand how a successful marketing department operates, but also I’ve collaborated with many other departments and gained in-depth knowledge of the healthcare IT industry.

Moreover, during just three months here, I have experienced a wide range of fun and exciting events, from Bring Your Child to Work Day to the gMed acquisition to joining the Inc. 500 list. Modernizing Medicine is growing and advancing rapidly, and I’m excited to see what its future holds.

I can hardly believe how much I have learned and grown this summer, thanks to the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know here. The Modernizing Medicine team really feels like a family, and it’s inspiring to be around individuals who are not only talented, knowledgeable and passionate but also positive and caring.

SummerInterns_2015_v3Here’s what the other interns had to say about what they have learned, gained and accomplished during their internships.

Product Management Intern Natasha (Mathematics, Washington University):

My experiences here were wonderful, and I could not have asked for a better summer experience. I gained the opportunity to work with a really passionate and diverse group of people, all working for the same goal. In addition, I learned a lot about product management and how they view a product from an idea to something tangible. Working for Modernizing Medicine sparked an interest in learning about both healthcare and technology. I worked specifically on the ICD-10 transition, and the web and mobile site of the Patient Portal.

Mobile Intern Regynald (Computer Science and Mathematics, Florida Atlantic University):

These past two to three months have been a fantastic experience. I have learned so many great things, and met a slew of great, driven people. This summer I was tasked with creating an Apple Watch companion app for PocketEMA. Going into this, I knew nothing about iOS development and had had a few small encounters with Android development. A few short months later, I became privy to iOS and watchOS development and some industry best practices. I had a lot of help and support from the mobile team and the project team members, [which] really helped me overcome the difficulties of learning and working with a new platform. I’m nearing the last day of my internship and am glad to say that my app is complete, apart from some new designs I’m implementing.

Finance Intern Dennis (Finance and Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) Masters of Science, University of Florida):

Throughout the course of my internship with Modernizing Medicine, I had set goals to become proficient in Excel and further my understanding of financial models, and my supervisors gave me the tools to do just that. Greg and Jason played an instrumental role in my development as a young professional, and I was extremely fortunate to have them as mentors. I learned transferable skills that will carry over to my future endeavors.

Finance Intern Oscar (Finance and Marketing, Florida Atlantic University):

I actually worked for ModMed last year for 6 months, when the company had around 150-200 employees. I started again mid-July, and they are soon to be around 420 employees because of the acquisition of gMed. It’s crazy to think that the culture, the openness and the environment of this company are still intact as the company gets bigger and bigger. I believe that usually when companies get larger, it’s hard to maintain that culture, but ModMed still has that environment, which is phenomenal.

I know for a fact that anyone who does an internship at ModMed definitely will benefit from it. The work you do is not just really meaningful for yourself, but in some way, shape or form, benefits the company… Before working here at ModMed, I had no experience with Excel… I can say that I learned more in Excel when I worked with ModMed than I did in my Excel classes at school.

Quality Assurance Intern Daniel (Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University):

I could not be any happier working here. Modernizing Medicine is definitely the greatest place I have worked. Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting so far has been extremely intelligent and friendly to help me if I had an issue. Getting to actually work on real code and learn by example on software that is in production are things that you can’t learn from programming classes. These are only small examples of some of the things I have been learning from only being here for three weeks.

Product Management Intern Heesun (Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Healthcare Management, Yale University):

At ModMed, I entered the internship with the expectation that I would learn more about interoperability and gain a deeper understanding of how an electronic health record (EHR) software company functioned. Not only did I learn more about these two subjects, I gained so much more in terms of the relationships I was able to build with not only the Product Management team, but with the other departments as well. For the first time, I learned what skills and knowledge a Product Management role required and, moreover, what it took to succeed in this role. In terms of projects, conducting research on interoperability and its future importance in healthcare allowed me to create an Interoperability Initiative Business Requirement Paper, which provides a high level overview of interoperability as well as a more granular view with functional use cases. Additionally, working with state Public Health departments to identify health information exchange (HIE) trends, coding in XML to prepare for the upcoming ICD-10 transition and conducting market analysis on EHR systems in the ambulatory surgery center space were responsibilities I found myself looking forward to each day. With the conclusion of this amazing experience, I am extremely grateful to the ModMed team for providing such a great opportunity, allowing interns to follow their passions with their projects and providing the chance to develop skills and knowledge that will be useful in our future careers. Go ModMed!

Final thoughts

Some people go their entire lives without finding a company or job that they really love, so we Modernizing Medicine interns agree that we have been incredibly fortunate. Moreover, since we truly believe in what the company is doing for the healthcare industry, we can take pride in the broader implications of our jobs. Working for a company like Modernizing Medicine that helps those who labor to save lives and keep people healthy, I feel that I am able to make a difference while still pursuing my passions for marketing, innovation and technology.

As the saying goes, “Life is short. Work somewhere awesome!” After interning here, my fellow interns and I can proudly say that we have.

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Arielle Beery started at Modernizing Medicine in 2015 as a Marketing Intern and joined the team full time in 2016 as a Copywriter.
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Aaron Stoklosa

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