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The beauty of the body is more than skin deep. The Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium showcases the complexities of the human anatomy. The exhibit runs from October 22, 2016 through April 23, 2017.

“The human body is a fascinating work of art,” said Daniel Cane, CEO and co-founder of Modernizing Medicine and a SFSCA board member. “As with any masterpiece, the more you know about the intricate details involved in the creation and functioning of it, the more you can acknowledge its intrinsic value.”

Modernizing Medicine is a company focused on creating efficiencies and improving healthcare, and sponsoring the Musculoskeletal Gallery is a great way to give back to the community. We had a chance to speak with Melinda Valesquez, Marketing Coordinator, who shared her perspective on having this blockbuster exhibit make its way to South Florida.

Modernizing Medicine: Can you share the process in having the Our Body exhibit make its way to the South Florida Science Center?

Melinda Velasquez: We have been diligently researching and tracking this exhibit for over five years now and are thrilled to host this exhibit at the South Florida Science Center. There hasn’t been an opportunity to bring this exhibit to the Palm Beaches due to its international popularity, but its massive success and attention was difficult to ignore. With our recent expansion in 2012, opportunities like this have become more tangible and it’s a realistic goal to host such exhibits. We’ve hosted several blockbusters since our expansion, but nothing like what’s to come with Our Body: The Universe Within.

MM: How is this exhibit unique or different from other recent shows that have come to the South Florida Science Center?

MV: This is our first time hosting an exhibit that appeals to the medical world like Our Body does. With in-depth anatomical content and breathtaking displays of real human cadavers, this exhibit will spark curiosity and make an impact on a wide variety of guests; from young families to veteran doctors. The healthcare industry is expansive in Palm Beach County and we look forward to offering interactive programs, engaging presentations and an unforgettable experience that caters to the medical audience and beyond.

MM: What can visitors expect to see and learn? Is there an age range or type of visitor that this exhibit is best suited for?

MV: Visitors can expect to learn about the fascinating world of the human anatomy through educational displays of actual human bodies, specimens and organs. The exhibit is appropriate for all ages. It provides an experience that literally goes under the skin to reveal the mysteries of the human anatomy. Visitors will journey through galleries relative to each system of the human body. This extraordinary exhibition was designed to educate, enlighten and spark an interest and understanding of the complex universe within each of us.

south florida science centerMM: How can visitors make sure they get the most out of viewing this exhibit?

MV: Our Body reveals the complexity of the human body by allowing our visitors the opportunity to examine the composition of the cadavers up-close and in great detail. Visitors should take the time to seek out these details while keeping the relevance to their own body in mind. We will also have several special presentations from actual doctors throughout the run of the exhibit to enhance the guest experience.

MM: Without giving too much away, can you share what people will see in the Musculoskeletal Gallery?

MV: The Musculoskeletal Gallery of the exhibit is truly one of the most fascinating. The human body contains more than 650 individual muscles which are attached to 260 bones, making up our skeletal structure. Guests will get an in-depth look at every one of them while naturally having the urge to locate them on their own body. Guests will also learn about the different types of muscles and joints that allow us to effortlessly move like a well-oiled machine.

MM: From your perspective, how does Modernizing Medicine’s participation fit into the exhibit?

MV: Modernizing Medicine’s participation with this exhibit is the perfect fit. Not only will there be anatomical displays and an abundance of medical content, but also information on technological discoveries that have paved the way for the industry today. It is the perfect mixture of science and tech which is exactly what we teach here at the South Florida Science Center.

MM: If you could describe the exhibit in three words, what would they be?

MV: Amazing, enlightening and inspiring.

MM: Do you expect to see a lot of medical professionals in attendance? Why should they make a point to come to this exhibition?our body exhibit

MV: Absolutely. This exhibit is catered towards people who have an interest in medical sciences, human anatomy and biology. In addition to a display of outstanding content, it also caters to the wonders, mysteries and environment of the human body in a delicate, yet artful way. Medical professionals should make it a point to see this exhibition to reignite their passion and shed a new light on the world of medical sciences.

MM: Have you heard a lot of buzz in the community around the exhibit?

MV: Early on I learned about how much excitement surrounds this exhibit. When we first announced that we were hosting it, the feedback from our local community was outstanding. Many people, both young and old, have experienced it before and felt passionate about seeing it again. There is a high demand in South Florida for an exhibit of this caliber and we were thrilled to receive the positive feedback so early in the season.

MM: What do you hope visitors will learn after they experience the exhibit?

MV: We hope guests will take away a new respect and understanding about the functionality and efficiency of the human body. We hope they connect on a very personal level with these human artifacts as they use them to better understand themselves. Most importantly, it is our goal to inspire this community to lead a healthier lifestyle and spark a curiosity for the future of medical sciences.


Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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