Starting 2016 on the Right Foot: New Year’s Goals from the Team at Modernizing Medicine

From hitting the gym more frequently, to chowing down on more veggies, to even eating more cookies and stressing less, the team at Modernizing Medicine has sights set on achieving more in 2016. What’s on your list of resolutions for the New Year? Here’s what the team at Modernizing Medicine shared.

headshot of Bonnie Modernizing Medicine employee Change my diet and eat paleo.  – Bonnie, Client Services
headshot of Amy Abraham Modernizing Medicine employee My resolutions for the new year 2016 are to meditate and exercise at least 10 minutes each day. Hoping to spend more time with my daughter and family in the coming year. Hoping to cut down on retail therapy. 🙂 – Amy, Product Development
headshot of Tara Auclair Modernizing Medicine employee Embrace all of what 2016 has to offer with eyes and arms wide open, travel somewhere new and finally learn how to use my DSLR camera. – Tara, Marketing
Headshot of Carole Georgia Our new book club here in Weston is motivating me to put reading back on my high priority list! – Carole, Client Services
Headshot of Adam Gresh Run a half 1/2 Marathon. – Adam, Product Development
Headshot of Joe Archambault Learn another language (possibly German), make one person smile each day of the year, to better improve upon trainings at work, to be an even better father to my children and lastly to get back into shape! – Joseph, Client Services
Headshot of Alex Bimonte Read and actually finish books for my book club, try more recipes and stop stressing over the little things.  – Alex, Marketing
Headshot of Joy Bisson To be a better “JOY” at work and in my personal life. – Joy, Client Services
Headshot of Danielle Maddox I have lots of them! Smile more, stress less, spend more time with my kids and family, give to others and make time for me. – Danielle, Client Services
Headshot of Diane Dagher My 2016 ambition is to eat fewer cookies. Scratch that; I love cookies! My new 2016 resolution is to enjoy life; the big and the little moments, the joyous and even the not so joyous. For it is in these moments, the good ones and the bad ones, that we truly live. – Diane, General and Administration
headshot of karen obyrne My New Year’s resolutions are simply to read more fiction and to practice more yoga (both with the help of MMwit!). – Karen, General and Administration
Headshot of Monica Labrador Become healthier, fitter and be kinder to myself and others! – Monica, RCM
Headshot of Ashely Love My New Year’s resolution is to run a 5k race for the first time. – Ashley, Accounting
Headshot of Rick Trefzger My New Year’s resolution is to enjoy every moment that I have with my kids and family. I am seeing my kids grow up way too fast and life is flashing before my eyes. These are precious memories that need to be cherished every day. – Rick, Sales
Headshot of Sarah Lowther Picking up my children more and picking up my phone less! Getting outside more, especially with family. Having more patience and focusing on the bigger picture. – Sarah, Business Services
Less social media, more reading real books! – Marissa, Client Services
Headshot of Minakshi Mishra I hope to make some progress in learning conversational Spanish and regularly go to a workout class in 2016. – Minakshi, Product Development
Headshot of Emily Morda My New Year’s resolution is to save money and build up that savings account. I’ll start by eating out less. – Emily, Marketing
Headshot of Eston Motz-Petri Lose at least 20 lbs (hopefully more), finish my A+, Security+ and Network+ Certifications, get back into school by the end of the year and look fabulous while doing so. – Eston, Client Services
Headshot of Kimberly Mrachek Both of my goals this year concentrate on achieving a higher level of happiness both at home and at work. The first is to stop focusing on achieving material things, and to start collecting experiences. This is especially important to me because of my children, as they are much more likely to develop a deeper connection with me over our trip canoeing down the Peace River than over our new TV. Additionally, I want to focus on developing my professional leadership skills and establishing deeper connections with my co-workers. With a majority of my time being spent at Modernizing Medicine, it’s very important to me to both create and experience an environment that is positive and productive, which I believe is a product of great leadership. – Kimberly, Sales
Headshot of Serena Reno My resolution is definitely cliché but true to what I want accomplish. I plan to work on my fitness and go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. – Serena, RCM
Headshot of Thom Schildmeyer Be present in each day and each interaction. – Thom, Sales
Headshot of Max Solovay I want to make sure that I see my brothers, sister, nieces and nephews more often! – Maxwell, Sales
Headshot of taryn baacke My 2016 resolution is to continue on my path of working out and to hopefully lose another 30 pounds (bringing my total to 80). I am also aiming to complete another Savage Race, a Spartan Race and a Tough Mudder by the end of the year! –Taryn, Product Management
Headshot of Vicki Caravaggio To be present! Hug often, share more smiles, worry less, and of course diet, exercise and have plenty of rest 🙂 – Vicki Ann, Client Services
Headshot of Vanessa Sampedro I fell in love with Paris in 2015, so I would like to learn French in 2016! 🙂 – Vanessa, Client Services
Modernizing Medicine circle logo This year I am going to make a conscious effort to live more in the moment, and enjoy things in the here and now, instead of my usual worrying about everything! Oh and also will work on eating better – although that’s not as much fun 🙂 – Tricia, Client Services

No elevator, walking at 3:00pm every day, and no more drinking milk. – Amy, RCM

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Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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