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Case Study

Texas Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Shares Implementation Success With modmed® Orthopedics

by Chris Horaist, CEO | Nov 13, 2019 | , ,

The Goals

  • Find a user-friendly, cloud-based orthopedic software system to reduce the need for IT resources
  • Facilitate MIPS data collection to meet CMS reporting requirements
  • Transition to ICD-10 billing codes to help with compliance
  • Improve efficiencies and communication between front office, clinical teams and billing department

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Implemented orthopedic EHR and Practice Management software without reducing patient volumes
  • Automated MIPS data reporting with near real-time benchmarking
  • Improved patient engagement with intake kiosk and online portal tools
  • Continued practice success with innovative technology and excellent customer support

CEO Chris Horaist shares his practice’s implementation experience and improved office efficiencies with an integrated orthopedic EHR software solution.

With Modernizing Medicine’s expertise and support throughout the training and implementation process, we were able to implement the modmed Orthopedics suite smoothly and successfully.”


Texas Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine has been providing orthopedic care to North Houston since 1975. With nine board-certified physicians at two office locations and an in-house surgical center, Texas Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine offers a full range of orthopedic services including imaging, sports medicine, joint replacement, spine care, pain management and physical therapy. Chief Executive Officer Chris Horaist shares the practice’s successful implementation with Modernizing Medicine’s orthopedic EHR system, EMA®, and Practice Management software.

Ready for a Modern Orthopedic Solution

When I joined Texas Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine as the CEO, I was immediately faced with the harsh reality of paying for an expensive, inadequate EHR system that did not meet the needs of our practice.

We were using an outdated, server-based system that required hardware and backup maintenance services that was at least three versions behind. It was not ICD-10 compliant and we didn’t have the ability to collect data or report for Meaningful Use (now the Merit-based Incentive Payment System, MIPS). We weren’t able to enjoy any of the EHR incentives, and we faced CMS reimbursement penalties. All of the required updates and template reformatting would require IT resources that our practice simply did not have.

On top of everything else, the previous EHR system was not cloud-based or orthopedic-specific, which limited mobile access and frustrated our providers. We were stuck with an expensive, archaic software system that could not keep up with the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare environment.

EMA Checks All the Boxes

EMA first caught my eye because it was innovative, intuitive, cloud-based and mobile. With EMA, we didn’t need additional IT resources to maintain the software or servers. With the suggested ICD-10 coding in EMA, managing our coding and billing process is a breeze. And EMA’s built-in MIPS solution makes it easy to track, submit and benchmark our MIPS data.

Additionally, our providers loved the built-in orthopedic workflow and iPad-based platform that allowed them to easily move through an exam and interact with patients with minimal clicking and typing. Modernizing Medicine’s orthopedic suite checked off all of the boxes on our wish list.

Planning for Implementation Success

We run a very busy clinic and surgical center, and the physicians didn’t want to slow down to implement a new orthopedic software system. I worked closely with Modernizing Medicine’s client advisors to develop a phased implementation plan for EMA and Practice Management that allowed us to maintain our schedule of about 200 patients per day.

Comprehensive training and practice played an essential role to our smooth transition. We held an on-site workshop with two of Modernizing Medicine’s expert trainers with all of our providers. We also followed up with online instructor-led training, reviewed training videos and manuals and spent time practicing in the test software environment. When the time for EMA go live arrived, we had Modernizing Medicine trainers at each of our locations for additional support.

Once our providers and staff were proficient with EMA, we repeated the training and implementation schedule for our transition to Practice Management. Modernizing Medicine’s flexibility helped meet the needs of our practice. With their expertise and support throughout the training and implementation process, we experienced a smooth and successful transition to the modmed® Orthopedics suite.

Improved Practice Efficiencies

 The integrated orthopedic EHR and Practice Management (PM) systems streamline the workflow and communications between the front office, clinical team and billing department. Additionally, the patient flow within the clinic is much more fluid from check-in, x-ray, rooming to checkout.

The built-in suggested CPT and ICD-10 coding within EMA which automatically populates on the claim in PM has been very helpful for our billing process. Our staff really enjoys filtering billing tasks by roles and easily customizing and sharing robust analytics reports.

Achieving MIPS Success

With EMA, the MIPS process has been a cakewalk. Throughout the flow of an exam, EMA captures the documentation and data for MIPS reporting. I can track our performance with our MIPS reporting metrics in near-real time with a built-in dashboard.

EMA has taken a huge workload off of my staff and me. It makes MIPS reporting simple while helping us avoid CMS reimbursement penalties.

Cutting-Edge Healthcare Solutions

Every few weeks Modernizing Medicine releases new content and functionality that automatically updates in our system. It’s always exciting to see what’s new. The company’s development team continues to improve its suite of solutions with innovative functionality and interfaces that are essential to orthopedic practice operations.

Some of our favorite solutions have been modmed Kiosk and patient portal, which give us innovative ways to better connect with our patients and further improve our intake and check-in process.

Commitment to Customer Success

I have developed a great working relationship with our account manager. It’s invaluable to have a single point of contact that can answer questions and address any issues. I have also stayed in contact with our trainers, and we even did a refresher workshop about a year post go-live to make sure we were fully realizing the benefits of everything Modernizing Medicine has to offer.

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Chris Horaist

Chris Horaist


With a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a minor in chemistry, Chris started his career in basic science AIDS research at Emory University. During his time at Emory, he obtained his master’s degree and moved into molecular cardiology research where he began managing research laboratories aimed at elucidating the molecular mechanisms of atherosclerosis.

Throughout his career progression in academic settings he became increasingly involved in clinical operations management, first in cardiology, later in breast cancer and now in a leadership role at Texas Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine in Houston. Chris and his wife Josette have three children. His hobbies include hunting and fishing, flying airplanes and playing drums in a variety band.

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