What’s It Like to Intern at Modernizing Medicine?

This summer, Modernizing Medicine welcomes a group of talented interns to its Boca Raton office, and I’m thrilled to be one of them.

When I first entered college as a marketing major at Lynn University, my dream was to create engaging marketing content for an innovative company that uses technology to improve lives. Three years later, working as Modernizing Medicine’s summer Marketing Intern, I get to do so every day. I’m not treated like the stereotypical “lowly intern,” but rather as a valued and respected member of the team. The only coffee I’m fetching is for myself.

When I interviewed each fellow intern about their experience here, it became clear that I’m not the only one who feels this way. We interns are diverse in backgrounds and aspirations, but when asked to share our favorite aspect of Modernizing Medicine, we all had the same answer: the people.

For instance, Finance Intern Dennis states, “I look forward to coming to work because everyone is so friendly and you can sense everyone’s passion for their work. It’s truly incredible to witness a company united by a common goal of modernizing the medical industry, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Product Management Interns Heesun and Natasha agree that Modernizing Medicine’s diverse team “foster[s] the hard-working, creative, intellectual culture” that make it “a phenomenal environment to work and learn.” I concur; I never expected to have this much fun at work.

Operations Support Intern Tayra enjoys how “the collaborative work environment [allows her] to exchange views with the most talented professionals in the industry.” Likewise, I’ve found that everyone I work with is receptive to my ideas and dedicated to making my internship a positive, educational experience. Interns are encouraged to participate on cross-functional teams, whose diverse purposes range from helping develop the new Modernizing Medicine Women in Innovation and Technology (MMwit) group to collaborating with top executives and others to brainstorm innovative ways to use technology.

Part of what makes this environment so supportive and stimulating is that, as Heesun puts it, employees “are given a good deal of autonomy with [our] projects and are encouraged to pursue what [we] are interested in. This makes the projects exciting and provides a great way to learn quickly.”

Different Goals Yet a Similar Path

My goal for my internship was to gain experience and knowledge in as many areas as possible, and I’ve been surprised by how much flexibility and trust the team has given me. After just a month here, I’ve already helped to drive sales, assisted client references, created social media posts and graphics, contributed ideas, written email blasts and a blog post, conducted research, organized and hosted an event and worked on a white paper. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to apply myself to solving real-world problems and producing content that will actually be published. What I’m doing really matters – both for the company’s success and my career development – and the other interns acknowledge feeling the same way.

Dennis, a Boca Raton native who is majoring in Finance and participating in the Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) Masters of Science program at the University of Florida (UF), hopes to “gain transferable critical and analytical thinking skills.” He also aims to “strengthen [his] financial modeling skills” and “play an integral role in C-level decision-making by providing the executives with meaningful models and forecasts.”

Tayra, who is from Brazil and studies Management Information Systems at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), intends to “gain… technical and operational knowledge from a leading software company,” “network with [her] new colleagues,” and “practice good time management.”

Heesun, a San Franciscan earning her Masters of Public Health at Yale University with a concentration in Healthcare Management, seeks to “learn more about the healthcare technology industry as well as the strategy and operations behind Modernizing Medicine’s successful products and services.” She also wants to “provide value… by conducting necessary market research and contacting relevant stakeholders in the industry.”

Natasha is currently majoring in Math at Washington University in St. Louis. She aspires to further her “interest in the intersection of healthcare and technology” and “explore the rapidly growing field of Healthcare IT.”

Accounting Intern Lea, an accounting major at UF, hopes “to gain experience working in accounting programs and systems.”

Finally, Mobile Intern Regynald, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics at FAU, seeks “to learn how to develop applications for iOS and watchOS as well as development patterns and paradigms.”

Although each of us seeks to gain something different from our experience, we all feel the excitement and empowerment that come with being part of something special. Every one of us agrees that our time at Modernizing Medicine allows us to build the knowledge, experience and friendships to equip us for a career filled with success.

To find out more about what we learned and contributed to the organization, read part two of this blog post.

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Arielle Beery started at Modernizing Medicine in 2015 as a Marketing Intern and joined the team full time in 2016 as a Copywriter.
Aaron Stoklosa
Aaron Stoklosa

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