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Advanced Medical Billing and Practice Management Software

It can be hard to focus on keeping patients healthy when you’re not confident in the health of your billing and office processes. So if you keep getting bogged down in business-related issues, or if you worry about your finances because you don’t have visibility, we’ve got some exciting news for you.

We’ve just introduced modmed® BOOST, a combination of our Practice Management technology and Business Operations Services that can help your entire office run more smoothly. Working seamlessly with our EMA® EHR system, modmed BOOST can help you solve billing challenges, put the right processes in place and gain vital transparency.

We can even help you speed up your revenue cycle so you’re free to get back to what matters most of all—patient care.

PM + Services = modmed Boost

Ready to boost your practice performance to the next level?

Our all-in-one solution covers:

  • Scheduling
  • Document management
  • Patient collections
  • Check-in & checkout
  • Claims processing
  • A/R management
  • Seamlessly integrated technology
  • Rejection/denial handling
  • Reporting
  • Patient communications
  • Experienced billing & operations specialists
  • And much, much more

Practice Management Software

The Innovative System for Office Workflow and Patient Payments

Practice Management Software

The Innovative System for Office Workflow and Patient Payments

Meet the technology component of modmed BOOST. Our clients wanted an all-in-one practice management system that would help solve everyday problems, so we worked with practicing physicians and their staff to build one.

Practice Management gives your office staff an easy-to-use hub for administrative tasks, from scheduling appointments to managing documents to viewing reports. Seamlessly connected to EMA, it puts all your data in one place—no bridges needed.

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As part of modmed BOOST, our Business Operations Services team will use Practice Management to manage billing, collections and financial reporting. They’ll document actions they take, and you can easily log in to see what’s going on. That way, you retain visibility and control throughout the process.

Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management system can help you:

  • Streamline check-in, checkout, scheduling and document management
  • Measure your business’s health with metrics-driven reports
  • Track the use of packaged products and services and see packages used from the Virtual Exam Room
  • Generate real-time estimates for out-of-pocket charges*
  • Track quotes that convert to treatments or procedures
  • Get extra medical billing support with our RCM services

*Patient cost estimates are generated by relying on information you provide regarding procedure codes and similar information. Any change in the information provided may result in a change to the estimate and Modernizing Medicine makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or reliability of any estimates generated by our quoting tool. Estimates should only be used to collect payments from patients as permitted by applicable laws and standards.

We can help you get claims out clean the first time.


Average first-pass claim acceptance rate
 with our Practice Management system

Features for All Practice Roles

Patient financials on laptop

Financial Managers

  • Billing workflow with financial dashboards, tasks and reports
  • Customizable claim scrubbing prior to payer submission
  • Automated claim file submission, timely filing reminders and posting of remittance advice
  • Built-in reporting tools for analyzing rejections, denials and more
Financials tab showing financial responsibility and copay

Front Desk

  • Detailed, automated eligibility verification before appointments
  • Straightforward financials showing patient balances at check-in and checkout
  • Appointment and payment management processing
  • Appointment Finder pinpoints time slots based on chosen criteria
  • All-in-one EHR/practice management software displays follow-up care details, next steps and provider recommendations at checkout

Medical Staff

  • Check-in alerts on the iPad showing patient status and room location
  • Seamless communication with billing staff in real time
  • PocketEMA™ app for viewing your schedule on your smartphone
  • Simplified fee schedules to manage fees from within the visit settings
  • Combined access to clinical and financial patient data

Practice Administrators

  • Tools for managing your revenue cycle
  • Detailed reports showing your key performance metrics
  • Integrated suite eliminating expensive system interfaces between your practice management system and EHR
  • Client support services to help keep your practice running smoothly

Business Operations Services

Medical Billing and Collections for Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, Pain Management, Plastic Surgery and Podiatry

Business Operations Services

Medical Billing and Collections for Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, Pain Management, Plastic Surgery and Podiatry

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Meet the second component of modmed BOOST: the people. Working closely with you at every step, our experienced billing team can handle your revenue cycle process so you can focus on your patients.

Each year, US doctors lose an estimated $125 billion in revenue to poor medical billing practices, in part because in-house billers don’t always understand what’s really going on with the revenue cycle.1 Even with a medical billing service, practices often end up neglecting important parts of the billing process.

1 Healthcare Business & Technology.

Here’s how it works

To truly address your revenue cycle from before patients are seen until after their balances are paid, you need more than just basic medical claims processing. That’s why our comprehensive modmed BOOST solution combines billing specialists, proven processes and practice management technology.

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Benefits of modmed BOOST

From the beginning to the end of your revenue cycle, our easy-to-use technology, medical claims specialists and client advisors are there to support your success. We can even handle outbound collection calls to patients and certain other time-consuming tasks.

Our goal is to free up resources for you and your staff by getting to know your practice’s unique processes. Once we’ve uncovered them, we then work with you to identify and implement new strategies for streamlining your revenue cycle.

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patient at checkout desk at medical office with staff and physician

Help Drive Cost Savings and Efficiency

Convenience is just one of the many benefits of having a single vendor for your technology and billing services. As part of modmed BOOST, our technology and services work with EMA to give you a true all-in-one solution for the clinical and business sides of your practice.

You owe it to your staff, your patients and yourself to get the most out of your practice while staying prepared for your industry’s future. Our seamlessly connected solutions can work far better together than disparate solutions from multiple vendors patched together with expensive bridges.

Evaluate Your Medical Billing Performance Metrics

Many practices miss the mark on financial performance because they aren’t analyzing key factors that impact their revenue cycle. How can you address problems with your revenue cycle if you don’t know where to look?

To see how your practice measures up, you need to assess your key medical billing and coding metrics and consider the impact of:

  • Total Clinical Collections — How much do you generate in total clinical collections?
  • Net Collection Ratio — What percentage of money do you collect against the amount you are legally owed?
  • Adjustments/Write-offs — What are your current insurance adjustments? Are all of your write-offs justified?
  • Days Sales Outstanding — How long from the date of service is it taking you to collect money?
  • Aged A/R Analysis — What are your current accounts receivable balances?

When you sign up for modmed BOOST, your practice’s client manager will take a closer look at these key performance indicators and work with you to address them.

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Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

Jessica Kappelman, MD, MPH at Kappelman Dermatology

Jessica Kappelman, MD, MPH at Kappelman Dermatology

“Implementation of modmed BOOST was smooth from the beginning, and my staff made the transition seamlessly due to the overwhelming support provided by Modernizing Medicine. We quickly saw improvement in office efficiencies and billing operations. The move to the all-in-one suite continues to be a great decision for the clinical and financial health of my practice.”

Discover how modmed BOOST can help you achieve a healthier practice

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