Meet Our Friends – Guest Bloggers


New Office Visitors – Our Parents!

By Deborah Thompson
What is BIYP? For the second year in a row, Modernizing Medicine actively participated in the LinkedIn sponsored Bring in Your Parents Day (BIYP) event. This year, we are proud to have been one of the 150 companies on…

Why Evidence-Based Medicine at the Point of Care Matters

By Jason Weisstein, MD, MPH
Right now, there’s a wealth of medical information available that can help physicians make better and more educated decisions using evidence-based medicine (EBM). The predicament lies in how to deliver this information to…

Got iOS 10? It May Be Time for an Update.

By Mihai Fonoage
By now if you have an Apple device chances are you upgraded to iOS 10 when Apple released it in September 2016. What You Need to Know Now While we all experience the new features included with each bright and shiny…

Want to Know More about Our Body: The Universe Within?

By Modernizing Medicine
The beauty of the body is more than skin deep. The Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium showcases the complexities of the human anatomy. The exhibit runs from October 22, 2016…

5 Insider Parenting Tips to Modern Parenthood

By Mandy Long
Mandy Long epitomizes a successful woman climbing the corporate ladder in an award-winning health IT company. Her greatest accomplishment though? Her three children. Mandy is passionate about moms returning to the working…

Looking Forward to Plastic Surgery The Meeting

By Andrew Rosenthal, MD
Attending the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) conference? Stop by booth 1737. Dr. Andrew Rosenthal will be available at the booth on Saturday and Sunday so come by and say hello, bring questions and concerns,…

It’s National Yoga Awareness Month

By Monica Labrador
According to the Yoga Health Foundation, September is the official National Yoga Month (a national observance designated by the Department of Health & Human Services) designed to educate about the health benefits of yoga…

Training Day: Malouf Eye Center

By Heidi Hyman
Want to learn more about modmed Ophthalmology™ and EMA for your practice? Request a personalized demo here. First (Digital) Impressions I first met Dr. Alan Malouf in September 2015 during one of our web trainings. He and…