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Miraca Life Sciences


Serving more than 5,500 patients each day, Miraca Life Sciences (MLS) is a leading provider of academic-caliber, anatomic pathology diagnostic services, as well as technology solutions and consulting services.

Modernizing Medicine and MLS are working together in the fields of dermatology and urology to help improve patient care through technology.

Enhanced Communication Between Dermatologists and Pathologists with EMR and Pathology Lab Integration

Pathologists normally analyze tissue samples with limited clinical background on patients, which can delay accurate diagnoses. Modernizing Medicine’s partnership with MLS will allow EMA dermatologists and MLS pathologists to share additional diagnostic information, which can help the pathologist create a more timely, informed and accurate analysis.

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Modernizing Medicine and Miraca Life Sciences partner to create EMA Urology™, a cloud-based, Urology-specific EMR System

The goal of the relationship between Modernizing Medicine and Miraca Life Science (MLS) is to provide higher quality pathology services to our mutual clients and improve communication between urologists and uropathologists. MLS will be the exclusive laboratory reseller for EMA Urology. With the launch of EMA Urology, urologists will finally have access to a cloud-based, template-free EMR system.