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How These 99 CEO’s Create A Great Work Culture And Maximize Employee Retention

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If you want your employees to stay and thrive, a healthy work culture is essential. Read more here. 

Hire For Culture 

Culture and employee retention go hand-in-hand. Attracting and retaining great talent in a competitive landscape such as tech isn’t easy, but culture can’t be faked and it needs to be constantly maintained. The company, brand, customers – and bottom line – thrive an environment where people feel happy and fulfilled. We hire for culture and our people feel very protective of it. We’ve turned down applicants with impeccable resumes because members of our team didn’t feel they’d be a good fit. Culture comes from the top down, so I meet with all new hires in orientation to share the company mission and strategy and personally welcome them. This provides a lens into the expectations we set for them but also solidifies, I believe, the value they bring to this company. We provide generous benefits and great perks, but sometimes it’s the unexpected support that people appreciate. For example, we offered our headquarters as a place for our employees and their families to sleep if they lost power and air conditioning following Hurricane Irma. A company’s character and positive attitude help maintain a productive and supportive work atmosphere, and have helped us thrive.

– Daniel Cane, chief executive officer & CEO of Modernizing Medicine, the leading specialty-specific EHR and suite of health IT solutions

By: Yitzi Weiner on in News