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EHR Systems for Specialists: 2016 Recommendations

When you’re buying an electronic health record (EHR) system, cost and ease of use are top priorities. Any medical practitioner should also be concerned about the implementation process and the level of training their staff will require to use the system. But as a specialist, you’ve also got an added layer to deal with: How well will a system adapt to your practice’s unique needs? For example, a dermatologist might want specialty specific templates to consult, or a pediatrician might want an automated growth chart to track his patients’ heights and weights as they grow. 1. Modernizing Medicine: Known as the Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA), Modernizing Medicine’s EHR is intended to be customized for the end user, no matter what the specialty. Moreover, the physicians who have used it have overwhelmingly positive things to say about its ease of use and the vendor’s support.

By: Adam C. Uzialko on in News