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Employee Profile: David Stoppi, Regional Sales Manager


What’s the best way to learn about a company and careers? Hearing more from current employees. Read to learn what David Stoppi, Regional Sales Manager shared. To apply for a current role on our sales team, click here or here.

Team member since: January 2013

What is one thing you have learned from your experience here? I’ve learned how to collaborate and work together in an industry that is ever-changing. No two days are exactly the same and it would be impossible to do my job without the support of a knowledgeable and helpful team.

What qualities and skills are most important to excel? Self-motivation, organization and an eagerness to learn are by far the important skills. A predisposition to drinking coffee and energy drinks doesn’t hurt either.

How is Modernizing Medicine different than other places you have worked? Modernizing Medicine takes a solution based sales approach. Every sales job will have commonalities but due to the complexity of the sale and the length of the sales process here, it forces us to have a different approach to sales. It’s our responsibility to identify problems our prospective clients have and solve them.

What qualities stand out the most about our company? The level of innovation is second to none, and that leads to an environment where everyone wants to contribute in new and exciting ways. Our sales team is always exploring new angles and new ideas on how to better spread the word about Modernizing Medicine. That same mentality can be found in marketing, client services and every department in its own way.

What are three ways you have developed professionally while working here? I have been given the opportunity to prove myself as a sales person on numerous occasions and performance has been rewarded. I began as a sales consultant and was given the opportunity to learn from some of our best people and was then promoted once again to run one of the biggest territories in ophthalmology in my current role. Along with that, I have the opportunity to learn how to manage a small team as well as train new hires and help them grow and experience the same opportunities I have had.

What advice would you give to a future applicant/employee? Show up to work excited every day, and if there’s ever anything you don’t understand clinically watch YouTube videos of the procedures (just not before bedtime, you’ll have nightmares).

What your favorite aspect of your job? My favorite aspect of the job is when I attend a conference and a customer approaches the booth and is excited about how well the product works and shares with me how much we have helped their practice succeed.

Describe a typical day/week on the job. The best part about this job is there is no typical day or week. One day I could be prospecting for new offices to work with, hosting online webinars or flying to New York for meetings with prospects.

How did you first hear about Modernizing Medicine? I searched online for companies in the technology space and companies in the healthcare space and was thrilled to find one located here in South Florida!

Describe our company in three words. Visionary, daring and caring

Favorite restaurant: El Guanaco (a hole in the wall Salvadorian restaurant)

How do you enjoy spending your free time? I enjoy traveling, playing soccer and beach days.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life it would be? Philly Cheese Steaks

If you had a song that played anytime you walked into a room it would be? “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen

What is your spirit animal? Flying Squirrel

If you could live in any location for a year it would be? Barcelona

Share a fun, interesting, unique, etc. fact about yourself. I studied in Spain for a summer in college, but I’ve forgotten most of my Spanish.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? Modernizing Medicine Presidents Club in 2014 & 2015

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