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COVID-19 & the Financial Health of Your Practice

Thursday, April 9 at 12PM & 7PM EDT

Hosted by Michael Sherling, MD and CMO of Modernizing Medicine, this webinar addresses what financial strategies and opportunities you could turn to during this crisis to help you take care of your practice. Along with tools like telehealth and more. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Strengthening your practice COVID-19 has impacted everyone of us, so we’re going to talk about how you can help strengthen your practice now and in the future
  • The CARES Act – what loans are out there, how you can get access to capital, and how does Medicare Advance Payments work
  • Telehealth reimbursement – what rules apply and what changes have been made recently
  • Collecting payments – how to deal with not having your normal staff to drive collections
  • Revenue services – which services you can rely on to help you with your existing A/R
Dr. Michael Sherling

Hosted by:

Dr. Michael Sherling


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