gPM and ModMed® gBOOST RCM

Gastroenterology Practice Management Software
and Professional Revenue Cycle Management

gPM and ModMed® BOOST RCM

Gastroenterology Practice Management Software and Professional Revenue Cycle Management

Gastroenterology Billing Services and Practice Management Software

They say healing is an art, medicine is a science and healthcare is a business. But you probably didn’t go to medical school for the business aspect. If you don’t love dealing with tough gastroenterology billing and office issues and searching for ways to stay profitable in today’s changing environment, we’ve got some exciting news.

As part of the gGastro® suite, our all-in-one solution can streamline and help manage the business side of your practice, letting you get back to focusing more on your patients and less on your office. It’s called ModMed® gBOOST RCM, and it combines dedicated billing specialists and gastroenterology practice management technology to help you improve efficiency and gain key financial visibility.

Gastro Ecosystem

#1 Integrated EHR + Practice Management + RCM1

12023 Black Book

Our gPM™ practice management software helps your staff save time and communicate better, with:

  • Seamlessly integrated technology
  • Fast, customizable scheduling
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Patient self-check-in and checkout
  • Easy document management
  • Automated recalls integrated with gGastro EHR

Meanwhile, our experienced billing and operations specialists work alongside you in gPM to take care of your:

  • Billing and claims processing
  • Rejection/denial management
  • Patient payment facilitation
  • Patient reminders and billing communications
  • Accounts receivable follow-up
  • And much, much more

gPM Gastroenterology Practice Management Software

gPM™ Gastroenterology Practice Management Software

To get everyone on the same page, it helps for everyone to use the same system. That’s why our easy-to-use gPM platform works together seamlessly with gGastro EHR and gGastro ERW at your office, ASC or both.

scheduler in gastroenterology practice management software

Our all-in-one solution centralizes your medical, administrative and financial data, eliminating expensive practice management bridges, separate logins and extra clicks. Plus, it’s tailored specifically to gastroenterology workflows, helping you increase your efficiency and even improve patient experiences.

Add professional RCM services to your solution, and our gastroenterology medical billing specialists will use gPM just like they’re part of your staff. They’ll add notes to each claim to document collection efforts and major status changes, so you can log into gPM to see what’s going on with your claims, collections and finances.

With better transparency and synergy across teams, you can enjoy smoother office flow and simpler operational and financial management.

  • Manage multiple business units without creating a separate patient record for each
  • Bill for professional (HCFA) and facility (UB-04) charges on a single platform
  • Streamline scheduling with a template-driven approach
  • Create cost center department categories for reporting purposes
  • Create patient payment plans to provide added flexibility and convenience
  • Save time with real-time insurance eligibility verification
  • Provide real-time patient procedure cost estimates with gEstimator™

Built to Reduce Clicks and Simplify Reporting for All Practice Roles

gGastro 5 gPM

From virtually anywhere in gPM, you can perform a wide variety of functions without navigating to separate pages or losing your place simply by using the right-click menu. To save even more clicks, key information — such as insurance eligibility status and appointment type for front desk staff — is visible at a glance in our gastroenterology practice management system. Most screens even allow you to apply numerous filters to customize your view. This way, you can get detailed reports without having to run a report separately.

Check-In, Checkout and Discharge: Efficient, Flexible Workflows

two patients in waiting room with one checking in on iPad and one checking in on iPhone

Our gastroenterology practice management software works with gKiosk™, our iPad patient check-in kiosk, to help improve staff productivity and create seamless experiences for patients.

  • Manage and customize scheduling for both office and ambulatory surgery centers
  • Verify insurance eligibility and create custom eligibility statuses
  • See copays, deductibles and balances before the visit to help you address outstanding balances or amounts due at the visit
  • Streamline scheduling with an automated appointment finder
  • Auto-populate demographics through compatibility with certain OCR scanning for driver’s licenses and insurance cards
  • Send automated phone, text and email appointment reminders with gReminder+™

Gastroenterology Medical Billing: Better Visibility With Robust Dashboards and Reports

gPM connects the front and back offices, so suggested codes and bills generated by gGastro EHR or ERW are instantly available in the gastroenterology practice management system for review.

  • Auto-populate insurance information such as claims, claim statuses and electronic remittance advice with a clearinghouse interface
  • See why claims got rejected or denied, which can help with appeals
  • Help catch and correct COB balancing issues before claims are sent to the clearinghouse
  • Utilize multiple levels of built-in claim scrubbing and create custom scrub rules
  • Separate professional and facility bills and choose whether to send on paper or electronically
  • Assign employees to specific tasks regarding claims or payers
  • Have facility and professional charges automatically created from provider documentation
  • Track charges, balances, receivables, transactions, A/R aging and more

Easy-to-Use Tools for Patient Collections

By automating tedious processes and providing flexible payment options, our gastroenterology practice management software helps make the patient collection process simpler for your staff.

  • View clear balance information to help staff collect patient payments in the office
  • Send patient portal messages from the collections queue to expedite collection efforts
  • Easily manage payment plans, prepayments, recurring payments and refunds
  • Send detailed patient statements via mail or gPortal™ and let patients pay online
  • Automatically posts payments, adjustments and write-offs with electronic remittance advice

Recalls: Manage Patients and Help Drive Patient Retention

gastroenterology practice management circular arrows connecting gi endoscopy report writer

gPM works seamlessly with the gGastro EHR and gGastro ERW to provide powerful recall management, helping you keep patients from slipping through the cracks.

You can:

  • Tie orders to recalls
  • Manage recalls via the recall queue
  • Generate recall letters to patients
  • See recalls for existing patients when scheduling
  • Associate recalls directly to an appointment

Administration: Comprehensive, Customizable Built-In Analytics

Manipulate your data right within gPM to drill down into your practice’s financial health. Once you’ve applied the filters you want, you can print, save, bookmark or export the report. Our gastroenterology practice management software includes the following reports and many more:

charts and graphs for production summary in gastroenterology analytics software

Gastroenterology Medical Billing Reports

  • Voided payments report
  • Reimbursement analysis
  • Adjustment reports and adjustment reason code
  • Procedure code frequency
  • Diagnosis code frequency
  • Patient by referral source

Month-End Reports

  • Month-end summary by date, location, performing provider and billing provider
  • Accounts receivable
  • Monthly production analysis
  • Patients by carrier report
  • Productivity analysis

Daily Reports: Claim Management

  • Appointments missing charges
  • Missing charges
  • Missing claims
  • Charges

Daily Reports: Closing Out End of Day

  • Batches
  • Batch detail
  • Payments
  • Transaction journal

Insurance Accounts

  • Accounts receivable
  • Outstanding charges report
  • Charges with primary insurance not filed

Patient Accounts

  • Accounts receivable by patient
  • Patient balance
  • Patients with credits
  • Patients with bad debt

Payment Poster

  • Payment analysis
  • Payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Refunds report

Professional Revenue Cycle Management

Outsourced Gastroenterology Billing and Patient Collections

Business Operations Services

Outsourced Gastroenterology Billing and Collections


of practice leaders report inefficient medical billing processes.1

$125 billion is estimated to be lost by US doctors each year to poor billing practices.2

Looking to boost your practice performance to the next level?

To enjoy the full benefits of an all-in-one solution, combine our ModMed gBOOST RCM services with our gPM gastroenterology practice management software.

It’s harder than ever to keep collections healthy in today’s environment, and that’s why our high-touch service is designed to do more than just manage your gastroenterology billing and collections. We can help you resolve issues, improve financial visibility and speed up your revenue cycle.


of physicians
feel they need to find more direct patient care time currently taken up by business office-related issues.1


of independent practices
suffer from high business staff turnover, which can impede billing processes.1

Benefit From Our Gastroenterology Experience

As a leading provider of gastroenterology software, Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology has a deep understanding of how the clinical, financial and operational sides of GI practices fit together.

1Black Book™ Research.
2Healthcare Business & Technology.
3Becker’s Hospital Review, 2017.
4Navicure Patient Payment Check-Up™ Survey, 2017.

The average provider only expects to collect 50-70% of a patient balance after a visit3

More than 50% of providers say patients typically take 3+ months to pay their full balance4

Consider Us Part of Your Team

ModMed gBoost RCM

By working closely with you and providing transparency at every step, our gastroenterology medical billing team keeps you in control of your revenue cycle without getting you caught up in all the day-to-day details. Our specialists will even work with your staff to develop and implement processes that can help improve your gastroenterology revenue cycle. So you can get a clear picture of your practice financials and enjoy peace of mind knowing your entire practice is running smoothly.

How Does ModMed gBOOST RCM Work?

Our ModMed gBOOST RCM solution manages medical claims, payments and collections, from before patients are seen until after their bills are paid.

ModMed ASC gBoost Infographic

Here's What Your Peers Are Saying

Roger Kao, MD, Digestive Care Medical Center and Digestive Care Associates

Roger Kao, MD, Digestive Care Medical Center and Digestive Care Associates

“The ModMed gBOOST team has been instrumental in helping improve our practice workflow and collections. Their attention to detail and dedication has helped our practice obtain optimum efficiency, and we cannot imagine running our practice without their services.”

 Jamie Flores, Nurse Manager, Douglas E. Wright, MD

Jamie Flores, Nurse Manager, Douglas E. Wright, MD

“Although we were hesitant in outsourcing our gastroenterology billing, as I am very hands on with the process, Modernizing Medicine has exceeded any expectations I have had regarding their understanding, experience and reliability. Small practices find it more difficult to cope with revenue loss, but the ModMed gBOOST team took the time to understand our practice workflow.”

Discover how gPM and ModMed gBOOST RCM can help you achieve a healthier practice

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