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Getting Ready for 2021 E/M Changes and Focusing On Your GI Billing and Collections

Julie Servoss and Ronda Tews

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Julie Servoss, Medical Director of Gastroenterology at Modernizing Medicine® and Ronda Tews, Director of Billing and Compliance at Modernizing Medicine

2021 will be here sooner than you think, and with it comes changes to E/M codes. We want to help your practice start next year off right with the knowledge and tools your staff needs to quickly embrace these code changes, as well as solutions for concerns your practice may face with billing and collections.

Join our host, Julie Servoss, Medical Director of Gastroenterology at Modernizing Medicine, and presenter Ronda Tews, Director of Billing and Compliance, to learn about the upcoming E/M code changes, the potential impact on workflows and payment eligibility, and technology solutions that can help your staff and make it easier to take care of the financial health of your practice.


  • How a GI-specific all-in-one suite can help your practice staff stay up-to-date on the E/M code changes and adjust their workflow in light of those changes
  • Ways to help patients better understand their financial responsibility, such as price estimators, automated eligibility verification and payment plans
  • Common problems GI practices may face with billing and collections, and how practice management and patient engagement solutions can help

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