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Happy 6th Birthday to Us!


On this day in history, a mere six years ago, something great was born. Something that would transform how healthcare information is created, consumed and utilized. Something that would continue to increase efficiency and improve outcomes. That ‘something’ is Modernizing Medicine. We love having reasons to celebrate and throw parties (word on the street is that they’re beyond epic), and today we celebrate the 6th birthday of Modernizing Medicine. It’s time for us to close our eyes, blow out seven candles (one for good luck of course) and make a wish. So much has been accomplished (and so much more still to come) and we wanted to recap the momentous milestones we have reached as a company thus far.


August 2009

A chance meeting between Dan Cane and Dr. Michael Sherling changes the future of health IT. 

December 2010

Corporate headquarters open in “America’s Gateway to the Gulfstream,” aka Boynton Beach, Fla.
February 2010

A match made in healthcare information heaven was made and Modernizing Medicine is founded.

Summer 2010

EMA Dermatology® is introduced.
January 2011

$2 million raised in Angel Round investment funds.

February 2011

Pentland USA and others invest $7 million.
May 2011

Karen O’Byrne appointed CFO. You go, girl!

October 2011

We can see clearly now since EMA Ophthalmology® has debuted.
February 2012

EMA receives ONC-ATCB EHR-C 2011/2012 Certification which means Modernizing Medicine is one step closer to EMR system world domination.

May 2012

Hoot, hoot! Corporate headquarters relocated to the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla. 
July 2012

Over 550 practices and 10% of dermatologists using EMA Dermatology.

October 2012

Looking good! The third specialty debuts with EMA Plastic Surgery®.
November 2012

Over 1,700 providers and more than 12% of dermatologists using EMATM.

December 2012

$12 million capital raised, with a combination of equity capital and a senior bank debt facility. The equity round was led by return backer Pentland Group, and joined by many of Modernizing Medicine’s customers.  A few bananas were added to the bunch too. The Modernizing Medicine family expands with 110 employees on staff and 2,000 providers using EMA.

March 2013

We love data. EMA Outcomes® and EMA Grand Rounds® debut. Plus the introduction of EMA Orthopedics® making it the fourth specialty offered by Modernizing Medicine.

April 2013

We are #1! EMA ranked first among specialty-specific EHR systems for dermatologists successfully attesting for Meaningful Use.And Modernizing Medicine is unanimously voted in as member of HIMSS EHR Association. Can you say most popular kid in class?
June 2013

Eyefinity technology partnership announced.

August 2013

$14 million equity funding from Summit Partners.
September 2013

Pathology lab integration with Miraca Life Sciences.

November 2013

Eyemaginations partnership announced.
May 2014

Modernizing Medicine’s EMA achieves ONC HIT 2014 Edition EHR Certification from ICSA Labs. The company is one of the first EHR system vendors to achieve ONC HIT 2014 Edition Modular Certification for a mobile device, offering the first ambulatory EHR system certified as a base modular application for the iPad. Go us!

May 2014

EMA Gastroenterology™ is announced and there’s no butts about it.Modernizing Medicine and Miraca Life Sciences announce development of EMA Urology™.
September 2014

EMA Otolaryngology® debuted. We can hear ya loud and clear!

November 2014

EMA Nation, Modernizing Medicine’s inaugural users conference, welcomed over 1,000 attendees. Time to get that EHR party on, and EMA sure knows how to have one heck of a time. 
December 2014

Modernizing Medicine closes acquisition of Aesyntix Health, Inc., adding revenue cycle management and inventory management services for dermatology and cosmetic users.

September 2015

Even more bananas were added to the team. Modernizing Medicine closes acquisition of gMed, expanding to offer a full suite of gastroenterology-specific products and services in addition to announcing a $38 million Series E financing.
December 2015

Hip, hip, hooray! Modernizing Medicine announces practice management solution and revenue cycle management for all specialties at the second annual users conference. Current customers and employees jump for joy.

2016 & Beyond

With over 470 employees located across the country, even more EMAzing F.E.A.T.S (focus, execute, accomplish, together) will be achieved this year and in years to come!