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ICD-10 and your EMR: Ready or not

Need you be reminded yet again: The ICD-10 deadline is almost here. If you accept Medicare patients, you must bill valid claims with an authorized ICD-10 code beginning Oct. 1. Most providers are looking to their electronic medical record (EMR) to help them through this transition. They want to know if there is an easy way to look-up an ICD-10 code, if their existing ICD-9 codes for a patient will automatically convert to ICD-10, and if their exam findings can produce suggestions for the appropriate ICD-10 code.

Ophthalmology Management heard you and surveyed some leading EMR vendors – including Modernizing Medicine – to find out if they are ready for ICD-10 and what resources and tools they can offer physicians. Modernizing Medicine’s EMR, EMA Ophthalmology, has designed technology that collects structured data using touch-and-type functionality on an iPad or desktop. Users can zoom in and out of the company’s proprietary interactive 3D “Anatomical Atlas” to touch on those areas of the eye in question. “This structured data generates ICD-10 codes along with exam notes and populates them onto the super bill,” says Jonathan Criss, MD, Modernizing Medicine’s medical director of EMA Ophthalmology. “The data captures the necessary level of granularity, specificity and laterality,” without look-up.

By: Darla Shewmaker on in News