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Health IT Innovation and Interoperability


mandy long modernizing medicine


Mandy Long, Vice President of Product Management at Modernizing Medicine 


Mandy joined us to discuss Health IT Innovation and Interoperability.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Mandy:

  1. (2:16) What is your definition of user experience? And why is User Experience so important for physicians, their staff and patients?
  2. (3:56) What are the risks to poor user experience?
  3. (5:07) How can health IT innovation improve patient and customer experience?
  4. (6:34) How can health IT innovation improve patient outcomes?
  5. (7:42) How is Modernizing Medicine using technology to improve care and empower patients?
  6. (11:35) How have you found your customers and their patients appreciating your telemedicine solution?
  7. (13:48) What are the most important factors for vendors, providers and patients in the 21st Century Cures Act?
  8. (18:23) Why is interoperability so important for improving patient care and outcomes?
  9. (20:38) What are you seeing as the barriers to why the industry has struggled to achieve seamless interoperability?

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