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Integrate Seamlessly

Add EMA to your practice without interrupting your workflow

EMA stands out for the way it fits in

While template- and macro-based EMR systems can require days of tedious setup, EMA is ready to go when you are. It smoothly integrates with your urology workflow and is compatible with over 400 practice management systems.

Harness Deep Medical Knowledge

Empower your decision-making with textbooks’ worth of medical knowledge

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Thousands of diagnoses and hundreds of histories, plans, procedures, morphologies and anatomic structures are built into the system, helping you diagnose and treat even the most difficult cases.

Interactive Anatomical Atlas

With EMA Urology®’s Interactive Anatomical Atlas™, you can view, manipulate and annotate 3D body images in high resolution. Visually document your findings or illustrate diagnoses for patients as you zoom in and peel back the layers, viewing precise areas of the body and genitourinary systems in detail. The Atlas is even patient-specific, letting you see the difference between men vs. women and adults vs. children.

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Support at Every Level

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From implementation, product integration and training through ongoing support, our Client Services team is here to provide personal attention and care. We’ll help you customize the level of service your practice requires to match your unique needs, so whether you’re implementing your first EMR or switching from another system, you can transition with confidence.
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