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Investment heavy hitters place big bets on South Florida tech firms


To score capital from leading investors, scale a startup and win big, you’ve got to be in Silicon Valley, Austin or other tech hubs, the conventional wisdom goes.

But more South Florida-based companies are bucking that trend, and their deep-pocketed investors say they plan to place bets here again.

It’s who is investing – not necessarily how much – that is creating buzz in local tech circles.

The caliber of companies banking on South Florida is significant, said Matt Haggman, Miami program director for the Knight Foundation.

“It shows entrepreneurs are doing really great stuff that’s attractive enough to get the attention of leading VCs,” he said, “and that’s sort of a validator of this whole movement.”

Florida captures just about 1 percent of total venture capital invested nationwide – nothing to write home about. But recent participation by big-name investment firms in South Florida ventures is fueling hope that the region can someday be truly known for more than its sun and sandy beaches.  A subscription to the South Florida Business Journal is required to read the full article. 

By: Debora Lima on in News