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Let’s Give ‘em Something to Blab About


Modernizing Medicine’s co-founders CEO Daniel Cane and CMO Dr. Michael Sherling will be “blabbing” alongside other industry leaders on hot topics in the healthcare industry.

All About Blab
So what’s all this blabbering about? A Blab is live-video chat and can be described as a hybrid of a Google-hangout and Twitter chat with a little bit of a podcast tossed in there too. Mashable has a great article that further explains how it works. The Blab platform enables you to tune in to a group of 2-4 individuals who are having a live conversation. It is a very casual setting and makes you feel personally connected to all participants. As a viewer, you login via your Twitter account and can submit questions through the platform. Anyone can host a Blab or tune in to one (as long as you have a Twitter account). Recordings are also available post-blab too.

Meet the Moderator: John Lynn
John Lynn will moderate the two upcoming Blabs featuring Modernizing Medicine’s co-founders. He will lead the discussion and ask the participants questions as well as respond to chat messages that come through during the live broadcast. If you don’t know much about John, he is the founder of the, a leading health IT blog network that consists of 10 blogs containing over 8,000 articles, half of them written by John himself, and has garnered of 16 million views. He also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. He is certainly very social both in person and in the digital space and you can connect with him on Twitter at @techguy and @ehrandhit as well as on LinkedIn.

Let’s Blab About…Interoperability
For the first Blab which is scheduled for Wednesday, June 29 the topic will be around CommonWell Health Alliance and interoperability. Our very own Dan Cane will be a guest on the show as well as Scott Stuewe, Director at Cerner Network. In case you missed it, our company announced the pledge to interoperability with our joining CommonWell Health Alliance as a contributor member back in February. Curious to see where interoperability is going with leaders in this space? Have a question you want to ask industry leaders? You can click here to tune in.

Let’s Blab About…MACRA
And then coming soon on July 7, our CMO and co-founder, Dr. Michael Sherling (who is making his second Blab appearance) along with the CMO of Kareo, Dr. Tom Giannulli, will tackle the topic of MACRA and how small practices can thrive. The landscape of value-based healthcare is an ever-changing one, so tune in and ask the experts all those questions you’ve been wondering about.

Having trouble accessing the links and tuning in? Remember, to tune in you need to have a Twitter login. So claim your Twitter handle, mark your calendars, and let’s get blabbing about interoperability and MACRA.

Upcoming Blabs with Modernizing Medicine include:

  • CommonWell and Interoperability: Wednesday, June 29,3:00-4:00pm. Hear more about CommonWell Health Alliance and interoperability. Our CEO and co-founder, Daniel Cane will participate along with Bob Robke, VP of Interoperability at Cerner, with the conversation moderated by John Lynn. Here’s the link to join.
  • How Small Practices Can Thrive with MACRA: Thursday, July 7, 3:30-4:30pm. Land learn more on how small practices can thrive with MACRA. Our CMO and co-founder Dr. Michael Sherling will be on the panel along with Kareo’s CMO Dr. Tom Giannulli and the conversation will moderated by John Lynn. Here’s the link to join.