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Meaningful use attestation deadline looms Feb. 28; prepare as if for an audit


Review your meaningful use data to make sure you haven’t misplaced reportable data such as patient smoking status, and get ready not only to attest but also to testify should Figliozzi and Company pick you for a meaningful use audit.

If you’ve been trying to comply, chances are you’ve cooperated with your EHR vendor to make sure your data are being tabulated correctly for attestation purposes and probably have a dashboard or other tools for following your progress against measures. But the actual attestation remains your job, not theirs. “We make sure we’re collecting data, but ultimately it’s the provider’s responsibility to look at their requirements,” says Ida Mantashi, senior product manager at EHR company Modernizing Medicine in Boca Raton, Fla.

Part B News – Vol. 31, Issue 3

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By: Roy Edroso on in News