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Modernizing Medicine Debuts EMA Ophthalmology at AAO Orlando


Boynton Beach, FL, October 22, 2011 — Practicing ophthalmology means having to think quickly and work with precision. Now there’s an electronic medical record that embraces both ophthalmologists’ time constraints and their need for accuracy.

EMA Ophthalmology was introduced at the 2011 American Academy of Ophthalmology conference in Orlando, Florida with a warm welcome by ophthalmologists heretofore frustrated by the meager offerings with which electronic records companies have been able to provide their specialty.

“My colleagues were excited by EMA, because they could immediately see that its user-interface was cleaner and faster than anything else on the market,” says Dr. Steven Rosenfeld, a practicing Delray Beach, Florida ophthalmologist and Modernizing Medicine’s Chair of Ophthalmology. “Everyday, I think about how this product, which is already amazing, can get better and better and make ophthalmologists’ lives easier.”

With a native iPad application and the ability to instantly upload ocular images and quickly sketch what the physician is seeing on exam, EMA Ophthalmology not only intends to save physicians time, but also create beautiful, intuitive patient records and consult notes. It can also instantly generate a super-bill and offer advice on proper coding while providing the patient with an individually tailored counseling sheet. Everything is generated from the entered diagnosis and doesn’t cost the physician an extra second of time.

“We have a retina specialist, a glaucoma specialist, and a cornea specialist not only advising us on how to design EMA Ophthalmology, but they are actively programming it. This is a product made by ophthalmologists for ophthalmologists,” says Modernizing Medicine’s CEO Dan Cane. “Although it also helps that we have some of the best programmers around,” he adds.

About Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine, Inc. ( was founded by Daniel Cane and Dr. Michael Sherling, and is privately held. Mr. Cane was one of the co-founders of Blackboard, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB) and was the founder of Kadoo Inc. Dr. Sherling, a Yale and Harvard trained dermatologist, is in private practice in Palm Beach County, FL.

Modernizing Medicine’s offering, Electronic Medical Assistant or EMA, was announced at the meeting of the American Association of Dermatologists in Chicago, in August, 2010, and has since gained significant acceptance in the dermatology community. Designed by practicing dermatologists, EMA enables physicians to truly save time and money in their day-to-day operations. The offering takes a completely new approach to patient information capture and processing, using the latest in Internet and touch screen technologies for ease of installation and use. As a Software-as-a-Service offering, it only requires a web-browser equipped PC or Mac, with no other hardware or software on-site at the medical practice.

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Bob Nagro, Chief Operating Officer