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Modernizing Medicine’s Dr. Jason Weisstein’s best ways for orthopedic practices to address MIPS — 4 notes


Modernizing Medicine Medical Director of Orthopedics Jason Weisstein, MD, will present the best methods orthopedic practices may use to address merit-based incentive payment systems at AAOE’s upcoming annual meeting.

Here are four things to know:

1. Dr. Weisstein’s presentation is called “Strategies to Outperform Your Peers in the New Era of Value-Based Healthcare and MIPS.”

2. He will discuss practices and technologies physicians and administrators may utilize to better understand how their practices perform in terms of quality and cost.

3. Modernizing Medicine will also showcase recent solution innovations such as a MIPS solution to document and analyze healthcare providers’ performance.

4. Structured data collection at the point of care may streamline workflow and may use automation to reduce administrative tasks.

Dr. Weisstein said, “With the shift to MIPS and value-based care, orthopedic surgeons and their teams can thrive by adapting and utilizing technology that fits within their workflows to understand how they perform in real time, both within their own practices and compared with their peers nationwide.”

By: Adam Schrag on in News