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Physicians across the country are relying on EMA to turn busy clinical
operations into serious opportunities for improved outcomes.

From faster, touch-screen exam documentation and billing, to patient
information and networked treatment data available anywhere in the cloud,
to attesting for Meaningful Use, physicians are testifying to the benefits
of EMA.

  • Ophthalmologist Shares the Advantages of Using EMA, a Cloud-based EHR System


    Dr. Jason Ross, an ophthalmologist at Florida Eye Associates and an EMA user, shares the advantages of using a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system.

    June Cheatham on How EMA™ Aids in Government Compliance


    Hear from June Cheatham a practice administrator at EyeCare Associates of East Texas on how EMA™ aids their ophthalmology practice in government compliance.

    Colleen Joseph, MD, on the time saving benefits of EMA Ophthalmology

    Tesimonial Dr. Colleen Joseph M.D.

    Dr. Colleen Joseph, a Virginia-based ophthalmologist at Metropolitan Ophthalmology Associates, PC, explains how the thorough documentation that EMA Ophthalmology generates is not only a huge time saving benefit but has also aided in attestation for Meaningful Use.

    Donald Abrams, MD, increases productivity with EMA Ophthalmology

    Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.35.11 AM

    Dr. Donald Abrams, the Chairman of Ophthalmology at LifeBridge Health Krieger Eye Institute at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, shares how the iPad-based EMA Ophthalmology increases efficiency and patient interaction while coding automatically.

    David Goldman, MD, on the countless benefits of EMA Ophthalmology EMR

    Ophth Video Testimonials - David Goldman, MD

    Cataract and refractive specialist David Goldman, MD, shares how he uses EMA Ophthalmology EMR to deliver a premium level of care to his patients at his practice in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    Manoj Thakker, MD, on the benefits of EMA Ophthalmology

    Manoh Thakker

    Dr. Manoj Thakker, a New Jersey-based ophthalmologist at Retinal and Ophthalmic Consultants, shares how EMA Ophthalmology saves him one and a half hours each day and increases efficiency and workflow at his office.

    Grant Gilliland, MD, attests for Meaningful Use with EMA Ophthalmology

    Grant Gilliland

    Dr. Grant Gilliland, a Dallas, Texas-based ophthalmologist at Texas Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive & Orbital Surgery Associates, explains how the intuitive EMA Ophthalmology is valuable to his sub-specialty of oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

    Alla Hynes, MD enjoys the cloud-based platform of EMA Ophthalmology

    Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.58.20 AM

    Dr. Alla Hynes, a Virginia-based ophthalmologist, shares how EMA Ophthalmology on the iPad is so easy to use and increases her patient interaction.

    David Whiting, MD, is prepared for ICD-10 with EMA Ophthalmology

    David Whiting

    Dr. David Whiting, a Minnesota-based ophthalmologist at the Whiting Clinic, shares how the accuracy of his billing and coding has been increased with EMA Ophthalmology.

  • Dr_Fram_photo
    I am a better physician because of EMA in terms of improved communication with other doctors due to the thorough and detailed documentation it generates. My notes are legible, intelligent, customizable and easy to read. EMA enables me to do all these things I’ve dreamt of in an EHR system and I’m no longer spending hours dictating each night. Nicole Fram, MD, Advanced Vision Care Download the Case Study
    Don Abrams
    I wanted our EHR system to enhance the patient experience and not take away from it. Since the easiest device to use is an iPad and EMA Ophthalmology works so well as a native iPad application, it was the best alternative out there. I can pull up the patient’s eye log and show them their pressures over time and walk them through the plan as I'm documenting. Don Abrams, MD, Krieger Eye Institute Download the Case Study
    I see between 40-50 patients per day without the use of a scribe. EMA anticipates my next move, allowing me to focus on treating my patients without interruption to my workflow. Alan Malouf, MD Download the Case Study
    EMA has not slowed me down in the slightest. With the iPad capability, I finish the note before seeing my next patient; it’s that quick and easy-to-use. Dr. Elson Lai, Rosemead Eye Center Download the Case Study
    EMA is so intuitive and learns how I treat my patients. After I get a diagnosis multiple times, I feel like EMA is reading my mind but that’s how it’s programed. EMA thinks of things that I wouldn’t, which is what really amazes me. There is no other EHR system that compares. Jonathan A. Feistmann, MD, PC Download the Case Study
    I was immediately impressed with EMA’s native iPad interface. The intuitive nature of note creation and how it learned my practice habits – as well as the automated creation and justification of billing codes – was beyond anything I had ever seen. Ajit Nemi, MD, Lotus Vision Download the Case Study

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