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Orthopedics and ICD-10: No need to fracture your practice while making the switch

Orthopedic surgeons, as with most physicians in the modern healthcare industry, must always operate at peak efficiency to adequately treat their growing patient load.

They are also required to stay updated and adhere to all of the mounting government mandates such Meaningful Use, PQRS, HIPAA and of course ICD-10. While ICD-10 has seen numerous delays and physicians have been granted a grace period after the October 1st start date, there are advantages to be gained from adopting the more modern and structured code set. ICD-10 may seem daunting, but the fact is that with some careful planning, concerted effort and the right tools, orthopedic physicians stand to benefit from the new codes with improved care and streamlined operations. ICD-10 will improve the recognition of injury risk and severity, improve communication between providers and insurers and potentially allow for improved payment models.

By: Jason Weisstein, MD, MPH, FACS on in News