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Integrate Seamlessly

EMA Orthopedics fits right in

A pledge to interoperability

We believe expanding provider access to health data is crucial in helping improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. That’s why we’re a contributing member of CommonWell Health Alliance. EMA also helps facilitate data sharing through utilizing structured data, being cloud-based, meeting common interoperability standards and providing data conversion tools.

EMA Adapts to the Way You Work and to Your Orthopedics Ecosystem

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EMA Orthopedics is the perfect EMR system to fit right into your current practice ecosystem. No one knows how you work except for other orthopedic surgeons. Luckily for you, EMA was designed by practicing orthopedic surgeons so it can fit right in immediately.

Leverage Deep Medical Knowledge

EMA Orthopedics knows thousands of diagnoses and hundreds of histories, plans, morphologies and anatomic structures.

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EMA fits into your way of working

EMA Orthopedics is like no other EMR system you’ve experienced. EMA’s dexterity enables you to keep your focus on your patients, not the paperwork or a computer. You’ll have real-time documenting in the exam room so that your note, prescriptions, bill, labs, etc. are done before you leave the room. Our iPad-based EMR system lets you finish your day when your last patient leaves the office.

Digital Photo Integration

With one touch, EMA Orthopedics turns your iPad into a high-resolution camera

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EMA’s seamless digital integration connects your photo with the current patient, diagnosis, plan and body location.

Snap the picture and the labeled photo appears in the patient chart automatically.  Once in the patient chart, EMA Orthopedics enables you to review before-and-after patient photos and annotate your images with built in drawing tools.



Ease of Use

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Your job is complex enough. You need an uncomplicated EMR system.

We understand every touch and click counts and designed EMA with a clean and intuitive interface for easy navigation and a work-flow tailored for busy orthopedic surgeons who don’t have a second to waste.

Support You Can Trust

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Modernizing Medicine wants you to be a success, so regardless of what level of support your practice needs, we are here for you every step of the way. Our staff of nurses, medical assistants, orthopedists and other experienced professionals will work closely with your team for implementation, product integration, training and on-going support.

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