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Create Efficiencies

Save time with nearly effortless documentation and billing

Because every minute matters

Minutes matter, in your medical practice and in your life. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons using our Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™) for their EHR system can complete their clinical documentation in seconds. This enables you to spend more time treating patients and less time documenting and managing data.


Touch-and-tap technology helps you document faster

Plastic Create Efficiencies - Touch-Based

Touch-based, mobile EMR

Access your patient records from virtually anywhere. EMA’s cloud-based technology allows you to generate notes, prescriptions, lab requests and your bills all from the exam room. Gain quickness and efficiency all while improving the patient’s experience.


Plastic & cosmetic surgery knowledge, at your fingertips

Imagine if you could have your medical assistant with you anytime, anywhere. Built by plastic and cosmetic surgeons, EMA comes fully integrated with specialty-specific medical knowledge and performs like a dedicated medical assistant.

Derm - Create Efficiencies - Touch-Based - Intuitive

Intuitive user experience

Not only is EMA fully loaded with your specialty-specific medical knowledge, it also adapts to your processes and style of practice, improving consistency of your documentation.

Adaptive Learning

Intelligent and highly customizable

  • Plastics - Create Efficiencies - Adaptive Learning

Not all patients are treated the same and not all surgeons practice the same way. EMA’s intelligent and adaptive learning technology can adjust to your unique preferences and anticipate the types of questions you ask, allowing you to quickly evaluate, treat and follow-up on your patients. EMA helps you do your work, your way.

Enhance Your Workflow

Because EMA is so intuitive, the integration into your workflow can be seamless. Built by physicians, EMA comes fully equipped with medical knowledge featuring over 3,800 diagnoses, 300 histories, 400 plans, 1,000 anatomical parts and 25,000 high-resolution medical images. Based on your work style and preferences, EMA helps reduce documentation time and helps improve medical coding.

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  • Plastics - Create Efficiencies - Enhance - Symptoms
  • Plastics - Create - Enhance - Add'l History
  • Plastics - Create Efficiencies - Enhance - Counseling
  • Plastics Create Efficiencies - Enhance - Order Surgery
  • Plastics - Create Efficiencies - Enahnce - Follow-up

Access Data Almost Anywhere

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Access patient data virtually anywhere, anytime

Need to access patient records while on the go or at home? Take your office with you, right in the palm of your hand. EMA is cloud-based, allowing you to access data that is protected using top security practices virtually anytime, anywhere from a Mac, PC, iPad or smartphone. EMA allows you to operate efficiently from almost any location.

Document Nearly Effortlessly

Documenting is easy with EMA. No more fumbling with typing or flipping through charts searching for patient history. EMA is designed for touch, freeing you from a keyboard and putting patient records at your fingertips.

Plastics - Create  - Focus on Patients

Say goodbye to charting

EMA organizes and stores your data for quick and easy reference to patient history. At the touch of a button, you can review information specific to diagnoses, treatments, patient response and billing.

Plastics - Create - Document - Charting

Focus on your patients

Create a better experience for your patients by engaging with them more. No more turning your back to type or spending time hand-writing charts. EMA enables you to focus more on the patient and less on your EMR system.


Plastics - Create - Eliminate Note Cloning

Eliminate note cloning

Each of your patients is unique and not all treatments are the same. Note cloning can result in denied claims. Detail is everything. Eliminate static templates and macros: EMA comes pre-built with medical and billing expertise and is customizable to your style of practice.

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