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Integrate Seamlessly

Incredibly detailed, just like you, EMA can adapt to your workflow without interruption

EMA’s adaptive learning engine is so powerful that it observes and adjusts to your unique style of practice. EMA is compatible with over 400 practice management systems — just another way EMA fits into your workflow.

Integrates with your Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics Ecosystem

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Practicing plastic and cosmetic surgeons designed EMA because no one understands your job better. EMA comes free of templates and macros and has your specialty medical knowledge built right in. From patient interaction to prescribing and billing, EMA is streamlined to adapt to your workflow.

Many EMR systems tend to slow physicians down, due to their inefficient documentation and templates. EMA is one of the only EMR systems I've seen that doesn't do that. It's touch-based, very intuitive and simple to use. Dana Goldberg, MD

Leverage Deep Medical Knowledge

EMA is smart. With built-in medical knowledge featuring over 3,800 diagnoses, 300 histories, 400 plans, 1,000 anatomical parts and 25,000 high-resolution medical images, we call EMA the intelligent EMR system

EMA fits into your way of working

EMA adapts to your unique style and knows what sutures and implants you are likely to use in your cases and remembers your preferences. EMA can allow you to focus on what’s important — your patients.


Integrated Photography

Use your iPad camera for visual patient documentation

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Connect patient photos with diagnosis, plan and body location, all by using your iPad or iPhone. EMA’s allows for easy access to before and after photos showing a patient’s progress.



EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas™

EMA includes the EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas™, a tool that enables surgeons to manipulate an image of the body in a zoomable three-dimensional layered way. This feature allows plastic surgeons to select from over 36,000 points on the human body to more accurately notate the location of specific findings.

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Ease of Use

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No macros, no templates, no fuss

Because EMA is so easy to use, you can be more productive and see more patients. The simple touch and click function allows you to ditch your old keyboard and be mobile.  Use EMA — get more time added back into your day.

Support You Can Trust

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At Modernizing Medicine, we are dedicating to ensuring that you receive excellent service. Our implementation team will take the time to understand your specific needs and provide a roadmap to EMA success from implementation through on-going support. No matter the reason for your request, your satisfaction is priority one.

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