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PRSA Member Spotlight: Tara Auclair


Name: Tara Auclair, MBA

Company: Modernizing Medicine

Position: Senior Marketing Communications Manager

What do you do: In a nutshell, I have the honor of making this incredible company and its people more famous.

What do you enjoy most about it: Modernizing Medicine and its founders, Dan Cane and Dr. Michael Sherling, have a fascinating story to tell. We’re changing the world and I get to shout it from the rooftops. Plus, I learn every single day. The fields of PR and marketing are constantly evolving, and the healthcare industry is going through some fundamental changes right now and I love being at the forefront of it all. Finally, the company actively cultivates an incredible culture and hires people who fit it. So, everyone who works here is pretty awesome, and even though we work hard we also have a lot of fun.

What has your favorite campaign been over these years?

There have been so many, but my favorite was last year’s announcement of our practice management system. Our clients are specialty physicians and since they love our electronic health record system for their back office, they wanted an equally awesome practice management system for their front office. We made a huge splash by announcing it with a fun video at our users conference last December. Being able to see and hear their excitement firsthand was incredibly rewarding. Plus, not only did I get to play a doctor in the production, but from a PR standpoint the announcement made waves in the industry and my team gets to continually spread the word.

We’re approaching the last quarter of the year. 1. Can you believe it? NO! How did I get another year older already? 2. Do you have new goals for 2017 picked out yet? I haven’t really thought about it, quite honestly, but I would like to earn my APR. I recently took the helpful study sessions through PRSA Palm Beach, so now it’s up to me to keep the process moving. It’s in writing now, so I have to do it!

What do you look for in a company to work for? Mission and cultural fit. Do I care about what the company is striving to accomplish and do I like the people who I spend all day with?

I see you’ve got a stellar resume, mainly in the medical field. What is it about the industry that continues to draw you in?My father was a pretty well-known physician in his day, so I’ve been a part of the industry in one fashion or another for my whole life. I’ve seen healthcare from so many different perspectives and I think it’s fascinating. It’s a complicated industry that affects every single person in this country, yet it’s so broken. I want to change the world so I love being a part of the solution, even in my own little way.

You also have an inspiring list of volunteer roles, ranging from Gumbo Limbo to Junior League of Boca Raton and Golden Bell Education Foundation. What draws you to the volunteer work you do?

Both of my parents are community service-minded, and they passed that value on to me. I have so many interests and volunteering helps me address them. Life’s too short to not spend time doing what you enjoy. Why waste time watching TV when I can watch kids faces light up with joy after they get splashed by a playful stingray and learn about the natural beauty of our aquatic ecosystem?

What’s your best piece of advice (workwise)? Follow your passion.

What’s your best piece of advice (lifewise)? Do what you need to do to make yourself happy.

What do you do to de-stress: In no particular order, I garden, snorkel, run and workout, read, enjoy brunch with friends and spend time with my family.

Why did you join PRSA: To get to know other incredible PR professionals in the area, learn from the events and utilize the incredible resources on the website.

By: Staff Report on in News