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Recruiting & Training Techs in a Post-Pandemic World

Michael Sherling and Gail Gazelle

Hosted by:

Jason Richards, Training Solutions Manager, Modernizing Medicine® and Jane T. Shuman, MSM, COT, COE, OCS, CMSS, President and Founder of Eyetechs, Inc.

This webinar originally aired on June 15, 2021.

If you’re like many ophthalmology practices across the country, you may be dealing with the challenge of recruiting and retaining technicians. Why are we facing a shortage of techs, what soft skills should you look for in a potential employee, and what can you do to attract candidates to apply for your open positions? Once you have brought on new team members, what are the secrets to a comprehensive training program? How can you partner with your EHR provider to get them the training they need to be successful?

In this recording, you’ll hear tips on how to:

  • Find the best techs for your business
  • Deliver high-quality training
  • Keep your best employees

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