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Release Notes Dermatology 5.3.0

EMA Software Updates

New Features

  • New Feature: Tasking Management allows users to efficiently communicate and track tasks within the office
    • Tasks can be created from the Task Queue
    • Tasks navigational icon available in the main navigation bar on the Patient Overview page
    • Added MRN and PMS ID to the patient search fields when using this feature
    • Ability to view all notes associated with a task
    • Ability to link an attachment to a Task
    • Ability to link a patient’s visit to a Task
  • Added an icon indicating whether or not a patient is in a global period for any surgical procedure
  • (Web) Added the ability to render the microscopic description on the Pathology report
  • (Web) Added a filter to the Billing screen called “Signed by”
  • (Web) Added the ability to sign multiple cases simultaneously in the Completed screen
  • (Web) Added support for cassette label printed on Leica IPC, Rankin, and Primera technology printers
  • Added the ability to have more than one cassette tape in toto


  • Enhanced the “Follow-Up” module
    • Reduced the number of clicks needed to set up a follow-up visit
    • Added more follow-up reasons
    • Added scheduling instructions
    • Added the ability to set multiple follow-up appointments
  • Updated the user interface of the following screens: Billing, Assign, Notes
  • Enhanced Call Buttons and the OfficeFlow tab
    • OfficeFlow screen resets each day
    • OfficeFlow screen refreshes every 60 seconds
    • Filters on OfficeFlow screen are sticky

EMA Medical Updates

New Features

  • Added the ability to view the patient’s vital signs in the virtual exam room