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Michigan Surgery Specialists improves operations and saves time by switching to ModMed Orthopedics


Case Study

Practice Goals

  • All-in-one orthopedic software solution  
  • Increased overall efficiency
  • Modernized and automated processes

Key Benefits Experienced

  • Increased patient volume
  • Saved time and sped up documentation
  • Increased patient collections by 32%
  • Decreased payment turnaround times

Find out how one orthopedic practice successfully switched to an all-in-one orthopedic software solution, streamlined operations and optimized collections

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“I previewed 10 EHR systems, and ModMed® Orthopedics stood out from the rest. Our physicians love how EMA® learns their individual preferences, top diagnoses and plans. One of our physicians is now able to see around 70 patients in a day compared to 55–60 with our previous system.”




Michigan Surgery Specialists comprises 16 physicians across 11 locations who specialize in hand and orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. When the group learned that the practice software they used for nearly a decade was sunsetting, it started researching new options. Although its vendor later decided to continue supporting the product, the practice decided it was too late — it needed a more efficient and robust orthopedic-specific software solution.

The group’s Project Manager / Physician Engagement and Relationship Coordinator Nicole Fick previewed 10 EHR systems, then narrowed down the list. She presented the top three systems to the physicians, who all agreed that ModMed Orthopedics was the solution they needed. The group implemented the all-in-one orthopedic software to include EMA, the award winning* orthopedic EHR system, Practice Management (PM), Analytics, ModMed Pay and Patient Engagement. Nicole shares why ModMed Orthopedics was the number one choice, along with the benefits experienced since implementation.


It was pretty obvious from all the demos that I had seen that ModMed stood out from the rest. I believe the technology is above and beyond what other corporations I researched had to offer, and our physicians agreed.

With any software transition, there’s going to be a learning curve, but for our practice, it’s been so worth it. Our staff was required to complete virtual ModMed University courses, which helped prepare us for the in-person training that followed. We are a large corporation with a huge footprint, so having ModMed trainers on site to support us was non-negotiable and extremely valuable.

We had a ModMed project manager who was so knowledgeable and there for us throughout the transition. We really felt like we had an entire team on our side to support us. And it’s not just the excellent training and support we continue to receive. ModMed genuinely wants to hear from their customers and listens to our feedback.


All of our physicians have found EMA easy to navigate. Their favorite feature is how the orthopedic software learns their individual preferences, top diagnoses and plans. Also, the ability to create Protocols has increased efficiency and expedited documentation time. One of our physicians is now able to see around 70 patients per day compared to 55–60 with our previous system.

Our physicians also love having the dictation software built into the orthopedic platform, which saves a lot of time. They can sign off on their notes much more quickly than they ever could before, which helps speed up payment turnaround times. No more waiting while we send notes out to be transcribed.

Another time-saving feature is the Patient Reminders tool that directly interfaces with the PM system. If we need to reschedule or cancel appointments, we can easily send out a blast message to all, or a certain group of patients, at once. This alone has saved us so much time and effort. Before, we would have to call each patient on the schedule individually. We are a high volume practice, so that’s a lot of phone calls. Our staff can also view if a patient has confirmed, canceled or requested to reschedule their appointment.

EMA’s inbound fax capabilities also save us a significant amount of time. With our old system, faxes would have to be printed out, scanned and assigned to each chart. The amount of scanning that our front office staff had to accomplish was outrageous. Now, when a fax comes in, it’s automatically recorded as a PDF file and our team just has to assign them to the correct chart.


We implemented the PM platform because we wanted an all-in-one system. It’s more user friendly, efficient and faster than our previous software. Also, our physicians now have seamless communication with our billing staff in real time. If they have a billing question, our billing department can easily view the patient’s chart. The all-in-one orthopedic software has helped solve many billing questions in advance. When appropriate, our physicians can adjust their notes, or add information as needed.

We’ve also seen an increase in our collections since implementing ModMed Pay, which automatically syncs transactions to the PM system. I attribute this increase to patients having so many new options to pay as compared to before we implemented ModMed Pay: text to pay, online quick pay, Patient Portal payments, ModMed Kiosk payments, payment plans and autopay. We’ve also seen an increase in patient payments up front because of this.

Close to 40% (and growing) of our patients also use APPatient™ to check in prior to appointments, access their records and make payments. This frees up our phone lines and our staff, which has been another huge benefit.


For other practices considering transitioning to another EHR software but are nervous about making a change, your current process is probably more daunting than you realize. Switching means there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You experience a short learning/implementation period that can lead to long-term, positive results.

ModMed can help identify practice inefficiencies and provide the effective tools to help save time, improve workflows and automate processes. As a result, we have a happier staff, happier physicians and happier patients because we made that switch.

Ecosystem of access devices — browser, tablet, smartphone, Apple Watch — with orthopedic imagery

* 2023 Black Book™

Note: The statements and conclusions contained herein reflect the opinions of Nicole Fick and not those of ModMed. ModMed makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any such information. Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables. Ms. Fick serves on ModMed’s Orthopedics Customer Advisory Board.