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Helping Practices Achieve Interoperability and Improving Workflow

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For years, the healthcare industry has worked toward interoperability, yet, there is still significant progress to make. Interoperability in healthcare includes more than just the technology required to synchronize systems and to access various forms of data. It also revolves around transmitting that data in a format that makes it meaningful and actionable. Achieving interoperability is imperative for providing high-quality patient-centric care, while helping providers remain profitable and efficient.

To comprehend its significance, it is important to understand the current landscape. Today, providers are faced with a staggering list of challenges:

  • Data sharing restrictions
  • A lack of standardized data formats in disparate systems
  • Legacy systems storing important data
  • Costly interface fees and reduced reimbursements
  • Time and resource constraints

Combine these items with the shift toward value-based care, and the need to solve these challenges becomes increasingly important.

Fortunately, technological opportunities exist to aid in interoperability and help to reduce costs, improve operational and clinical workflows, maximize reimbursements and deliver value-based care to patients.

How ELLKAY Can Help with Interoperability

As a nationwide leader in healthcare connectivity, ELLKAY has helped make interoperability happen for more than 15 years, providing solutions that solve the challenges faced in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. With a capability list of over 170 electronic medical record (EMR) systems and more than 600 practice management systems across 900 different versions, ELLKAY knows systems.

This depth of knowledge has provided us with a strong foundation on which we build innovative solutions and market-leading service. We work with the nation’s leading practices, hospitals, health systems, EHR/EMR solution providers, laboratories, payers and other healthcare organizations to serve as a trusted resource for data connectivity, data conversion, integration, legacy data archiving and much more.

How ELLKAY and Modernizing Medicine Work Together

We are proud to collaborate with Modernizing Medicine and its clients to help achieve interoperability and their goals of providing high quality, low cost, coordinated care for their patients by providing “data plumbing” necessary for data connectivity. ELLKAY simplifies the data extraction and conversion process with additional solutions that help organizations improve efficiency and streamline workflows, so they can focus on what’s most important – patient care.

For years, we have collaborated with Modernizing Medicine to help streamline your practice workflow by providing connectivity between your practice management system and EMA™ with LKBridge, which helps eliminate retyping data that already exists in the EMR system. Since then, we have developed other interfaces to support interoperability within your practice, enabling demographics, charges and appointments to flow between your practice’s systems. LKEMR Extraction and Conversion extracts and converts discrete and non-discrete patient data from your legacy EHR to be imported into your new system quickly and efficiently.

Our Appointments Data Extraction and Conversion services are widely recognized for helping to save practices time and improve workflows. It automates appointment entry and eliminates the inefficient and time-consuming process of manually entering future appointments. Our charges interface helps to streamline your billing workflow and eliminates duplicate entry by pulling charges from EMA and sending them directly to your practice management system. Modernizing Medicine and your laboratories receive simple, secure, super-fast EMR orders and results interfaces via LKTransfer, which also includes a centralized dashboard with full remote management – virtually any time, anywhere.

The Future of Interoperability

As interoperability advances change the provider’s workflow, the patient may also experience a higher level of involvement in his or her own care. These technological opportunities and steps to foster interoperability will be significant considerations to sustain profitability while maintaining focus on the patient. Interoperability, based on true connectivity between systems that provide actionable data, will result in providers offering patient-centric care in a value-based healthcare world.

Ajay Kapare

Ajay Kapare

Vice President of Marketing & Strategy at ELLKAY

As vice president of marketing & strategy for ELLKAY, Ajay Kapare develops and drives strategic business and marketing relationships at ELLKAY. He plays an integral role in the senior leadership team at ELLKAY, identifying key business challenges and opportunities to securely position ELLKAY as a healthcare IT market leader. Prior to joining ELLKAY, Ajay served as head of marketing at CompuGroup Medical US, where he focused on defining and driving strategic & product marketing initiatives. He also was the director of global marketing at Sunquest Information Systems, where he worked for more than six years leading marketing, product strategy and sales enablement groups. He also served as product manager for Sunquest Business Analytics and Radiology solutions. Throughout his professional experiences, Ajay has played a pivotal role in new product launches, industry relations, marketing and strategic partnerships to help position companies as market leaders in their respective HIT space.

Ajay received his MBA in marketing from Texas Tech University and completed his undergraduate degree in computer engineering. He has been an active member on the National & Arizona Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Forbes Health Summit, Intelligent Hospital association, CHIME and Anatomic Pathology Informatics. He has also been involved in the Office of National Coordinator (ONC) on Meaningful Use; Health Care Policy meets in Washington, DC.

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