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On Call to Conversation Webinar Series-Part 1

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This webinar originally aired on July 19, 2021.

Physician burnout has been a serious concern for a long time, and additional stresses put on physicians by COVID-19 have exacerbated the problem. Billions of dollars are lost yearly because of it. More importantly, it can also lead to depression, and studies show a loss of several hundred physicians a year due to suicide. Burnout is clearly an issue that we cannot afford to leave unaddressed.

While it is difficult to have these kinds of conversations, we believe they are important to have. ENT physicians need to know that not only are they being seen and heard, but that there are tools and approaches that they can use to help ease their workload and find balance in their careers.

Join Dr. Priya Wagle, otolaryngology physician and coach, in this pre-recorded three-part webinar series to learn about how ENT physicians can recognize burnout in themselves and leverage coaching, emotional intelligence and technology to help create a more balanced life and approach to patient care.