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Create Efficiencies

Documentation and billing made easy with EMA Rheumatology™

Finding the time to do it all

Seeing patients and spending quality time outside the office. EMA Rheumatology can help you find time to do it all. An electronic medical records (EMR) system that remembers your preferences will save valuable time, and one that knows what diseases you usually see will help you accurately speed your way through the exams. You, simply more efficient.


Tap once, and you're done


Touch-based, mobile EMR system

An iPad lets rheumatologists using EMA Rheumatology work better – tap on the screen to enter data only once, and automatically populate the patient chart, prescriptions, superbills, patient education materials and more.


Rheumatology knowledge, at your fingertips

Whether you see adults or specialize in pediatrics, or if your patient base leans towards lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis or is a broad mix, EMA Rheumatology has what you need and knows your workflow.


Intuitive user experience

EMA works because it was built by rheumatologists just for you. This EMR system knows what you need, when you need it. Yes, it can be that easy.

Adaptive Learning

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Your best medical assistant, in the palm of your hand

An effective team is virtually unstoppable, like a well-oiled machine. EMA anticipates your needs and remembers your preferences, including the injections you use most frequently. EMA doesn’t think for you, just helps you practice more efficiently.

Enhance Your Workflow

No one works like you, except, well, you

An EMR system built for another specialty won’t help you. EMA Rheumatology was designed to custom fit your workflow. EMA works right alongside of you during the 28 or 56 joint count exams, or any variation of the two.

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Access Data Almost Anywhere

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Access patient data virtually anywhere, anytime

Having an EMR system hosted in the cloud helps you access patient data from virtually anywhere, even while you’re face to face with your patient. Don’t turn your back, but use your iPad to document the visit, and use a web-enabled Mac or PC when it makes sense for you.

Document Nearly Effortlessly

With EMA Rheumatology, tap and touch to document an exam and you’re done. The native iPad app collects patient data as you learn it, and that data populates throughout the chart where it’s needed. From a documentation perspective, there’s nothing better. No time-consuming repetition, only time-saving efficiency.


Say goodbye to charting

Paper charts, cloning, staying late to finish your notes – say goodbye to all of it. EMA Rheumatology makes it easy to document each detail of the visit, before the patient leaves the exam room. The EMA Interactive Anatomical Atlas™ lets you zoom in to the area in question, touch the screen to document laterality and you’re done. Accurate coding in seconds.


Focus on your patients

Practicing medicine shouldn’t be about paperwork, it’s about the patients you treat. Using EMA Rheumatology’s native iPad app you can tap in the chart while facing your patient. Your patients see your face, your eyes, not the back of your lab coat.


Eliminate cloning

No templates, no macros – only unique patient notes for each visit. EMA Rheumatology captures data in a way that creates a medical record unlike any other in your practice. The EMA Virtual Exam Room™ guides you through each visit and the end result is a unique and complete record. Done.

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