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Integrate Seamlessly

Designed by rheumatologists, EMA Rheumatology fits right into your practice

EMR software tailored to rheumatology

EMA Rheumatology™ didn’t go to medical school or complete residency, but was built by rheumatologists who did. This cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) system doesn’t have templates or macros – simply rheumatology-specific plans and procedures built right in, plus a comprehensive review of systems, specific past rheumatology history and orthopedic surgery. No customizing necessary.

Integrates with Your Rheumatology Ecosystem

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No other specialists work like rheumatologists do. Luckily, EMA Rheumatology intuitively knows exactly how you work – and plays well with others. EMA Rheumatology is easy for your team to use and works with over 400 practice management systems.


Harness Deep Medical Knowledge

In the palm of your hand

Make practicing medicine easier

EMA Rheumatology knows adults, and includes pediatric diagnoses as well. Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis? All covered.

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Connect with a community of knowledge

You know how to treat most conditions, but sometimes you have a question. Through the EMA Network™, connect to the treatment knowledge provided by a nation-wide community of your rheumatology colleagues. No other EMR system comes close to this. Join the clinically driven EMA Network.

Support You Can Trust

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Through implementation, product integration and training, Modernizing Medicine’s Client Services team is available to provide on-going support. Customize the level of service your practice needs – we’re here to help implement your very first EMR system or transition from an older model.

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