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ECRI: The rules on copying and pasting medical information


In 2016, the ECRI Institute’s Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety released its Health IT Safe Practices: Toolkit for the Safe Use of Copy and Paste. The toolkit outlines the risks and benefits of reusing medical information in electronic health records (EHR), along with four safe-practice recommendations on copy and paste policies. It also provides checklists, educational materials, and implementation tools to assist in identifying hazards and adopting safety practices.

The toolkit and its recommendations were derived from evidence-based studies, reported events, and the expertise of organizations such as the American Health Information Management Association, the AMA, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), and the American College of Physicians. Its information and materials can be equally applied to facilities, healthcare organizations, vendors, and individual clinicians.

Source: HC Pro
By: Staff Report on in News